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I am currently working as a Electrical Engineer. If I want to diversify my career, what will be the right options for me?

I am confused, so plz explain to me

by Aman Puri
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RE: I am currently working as a Electrical Engineer. If I want to diversify my career, what will be the right options for me?

Jayanta Ghosh
Jayanta Ghosh
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Dear Friend ,

The idea of diversification is good , but you have to evaluate some parametre before taking any final decision of shift to other sector or profession , keeping in mind your age , experience , financial position , family etc . Frist of all question will arise , why diversification ? are you not satisfied with your present job or service in terms of monetary aspect or work culture of that particular organisation or any other reason ?

You must be aware about today`s work environment , where you will face cut throat competition everywhere. I am not aware about your total work experience and your age bracket also , but if you are serious enough to diversifyyour career, and if you are hard-working , passionate and enterprising to do something with your own, develop your entrepreneual skill with combination of your qualification & work experience . You may face so many hurdles in this new career ,but stop not , till the goal is reached .

Remember Hard work is like a staircase and luck is like a lift , sometimes the lift may not work , but the staircase will always take you to the top .

All the best .....

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