I had done with my graduation in bcom stream what do I do which I ll get benefit in future how do I secure my future

Done graduation in bcom

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3 answers

RE: I had done with my graduation in bcom stream what do I do which I ll get benefit in future how do I secure my future

Ravi Thakor
Ravi Thakor
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Business Analyst at Capital Novus
  • Ahmedabad
Hi friend,


After completion of your bachelor's degree in Commerce, you have various options for higher studies with great career prospects.
Having interest in the financial field, you may opt the following courses:

Banking finance
Stock market
Chartered accountancy
Company secretary
Certified management accountancy
MBA in finance
Actuarial science
Insurance filed

The above mentioned are just few of the available fields in which you can persue your career based on your interest.

These are the most common and very easily recognized areas of further studies.

Accounting or accountancy is one of the most important fields of finance and is considered as the pedestal of all other fields in the finance sector. Accounting is the branch of commerce which deals with aspects such as summarizing, reporting and analyzing financial transactions to keep financial records. It is the study of how businesses track their income and assets over a period of time. Accountancy is related to dealing and maintaining records of all daily financial transactions happening in business to estimate the success or failure of a business.
Growing economic and commercial activities, has made accounting an integral part of our everyday lives. Any business requires an accountant who would be responsible for maintaining books of accounts. Hence, accounting career opportunities exist almost everywhere, and accountants are in high demand whether it is a new business, big or small, home-based business, corporations and government organisations. The services of accountants are required by all organisations as they must maintain systematic records of all transactions for the purpose of planning activities, managing and furnishing tax returns. Without this department, recording financial transactions, proper maintenance of staff salary and books of account, balance sheets preparation, calculation of various taxes etc is not possible in a firm. Most decisions related to present and future projects are based on the financial records of a concern. Accounting is an important field not only in business but also in every day life of common man. People use accounting skills while making decisions related to finance and investment options.


I hope the amount of information provided to you hereis satisfactory and aanswers your questions and clears your confusions.

I wish you all the best for your future career.

RE: I had done with my graduation in bcom stream what do I do which I ll get benefit in future how do I secure my future

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Well you are a graduate in B.Com so must ne understanding the relevent paths of your career in accountancy, auditor job, banking, union public services UNESCO, abroad and offshoe jobs in the same catoagories

I need to understand the base of your confusion the way you have stated your query is not a healthy sign it reflects your academic journey which has not been understood with honesty, dedication and effort you have obtained your degree half heartedly and trying to make the casstle in air.

You mustbe annoyed with my serious comment but this is my style to show your symptamatic issues which must be addressed accordingly:

1. Read all the books starting from 8th to 12th and make your fundamental clear and understand which subjects suit you utmost, Let me tell you it depends again your grasping and concentrating capacity overall your strong desire to be the best learner only then you do my suggested points which certainly lead you to your destination in clear and smooth manner.

2. Once you finish the basic studies (what you have not done primarily while doing schooling at 10th and 12th level need to take it seriously) decide your top interest which will say a particula subject.

3. Gear up for the graduated subject what you have learned earlier and develop nobel opinion in fresh way for the taken subjects where you can see the differences as compare to your earlier stand about the subject which seems to be meaningless as of now.

3. Rectify your approach of study and take your interest for the realization of any subject and then observe the effectivity in yoir future . Once you will sense the progress, never ask anybody what to do or what not do? Behind your flaup show your surrounding and the circastical comments which sensitize you respectivelly will be erased from your current chapter and you will aquire the self belief, motivation, and then develop the clrear agenda.

Hope after doing the basic rectification you will not be in need of any help rather you will guide your youngesters for the betterment.

Focus on your present study which will help your future


RE: I had done with my graduation in bcom stream what do I do which I ll get benefit in future how do I secure my future

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello There!

Two experts have already suggested excellent career options for you. Looking at your query, it made me feel to answer it since your queryis one of the most common queries I have answered in so many years repeatedly. I am glad that you approached for seeking guidance to your query and seek resolution to your confusion.

After BCom what to do is a typical confusion. I would say that it is right and genuine considering the large number of options available in the industry.

My Dear... the most important aspect any one needs to keep in mind while and before choosing a career, is one's interests, passion, personality, likings, strengths, weaknesses, etc. All these aspects are very important to be known first, becauseif one chooses a career option based on these, then it is very very possible to make wonderful successful careers by each one. Any career which is chosen NOT based on the above aspects is definitely doing a wrong thing and shall definitely feel frustrated later in the time.

What I would suggest you is a psychometric test which will tell you all the above aspects and then it will be very easy for you to choose a career option. The psychomteric test which is also available at is a very easy and can be done by you at your home. Later you need to approach us once again with the results of the test so that we can show you the career options which is best suited to you and also how to go about that course or career.

Commerce is a big field, and therefore it is very important to choose 'that' single career option in the commerce field which suits you and your liking, interests, strengths, etc.

Best Luck

RE: I had done with my graduation in bcom stream what do I do which I ll get benefit in future how do I secure my future

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