I hv done bds.have 2 years of wrk exp.I m stuck dont knw wht to do to earn good. I want to hv 2nd career option also

Please help

by Manali
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2 answers

RE: I hv done bds.have 2 years of wrk exp.I m stuck dont knw wht to do to earn good. I want to hv 2nd career option also

Dr Rupa Talukdar
Dr Rupa Talukdar
Verified Career Expert
Chief Executive Counsellor at Mind's Eye-
  • Kolkata

Before shifting to other career option please be clear of your difficulties-is it for your career that you have chosen or any other reason.

I think you need to have thorough discussion with some one who is expertise to render good suggestions-because I thought you are bit confused and fearful finishing you behind from all of your friends.

Please think logically, stay open to your own limitations and feel comfortable when you are advised to rectify your way of thinking in some other alternative ways.

You can change your existing profession in a second; but have you any substitute profession in hand right now?

Now you are a quite young person of almost 23 year old( my guess). You need to be responsible to you also-first be independent financially and after that if you are competent change your career to your preferred next.

But as an expert I sense you as a person of followings -please go through it first,

  • Whimsical

  • Impatient

  • wants prompt gratification

  • in hurry in achieving success

  • Struggle denial and competitive mind set

  • highly ambitious

  • greedy to achieve material success soon

If you feel like so please sit before an expert and have some through discussion - then go for Career Counsel ling-this will give you final decision of your career.

Till than I am not in favour of your whimsical thought.

RE: I hv done bds.have 2 years of wrk exp.I m stuck dont knw wht to do to earn good. I want to hv 2nd career option also

Dr.jawahar Surisetti
Dr.jawahar Surisetti
Verified Career Expert
Educationist/Director at Ashoka Education Foundation
  • Raipur

There are three ways. One is you can do MDS and join teaching which is a Relaxed as well as well paid job these days if you don't wish to practice anymore .

The second option is schools hire dentists who can teach biology as well as handle their infirmary as an emergency doctor.
The third option is you can go for competitive exams like the Civil Services based on your graduation.

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