Vineet Rathi

I need to study fertilizer making techniques. can u plz tell which institute will provide the course for it ?

i am a computer engineer and working in a MNC IT company, but i want to switch over in agribusiness especially in fertilizers. %0d%0aplz guide.

by Vineet Rathi
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3 answers

RE: I need to study fertilizer making techniques. can u plz tell which institute will provide the course for it ?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Sir,

I can see the possibilities of your switching mechanism and its acceptability to any industry as you know IT has become a common tool for everyone and could be amalgamated with agricultural practices also. I must say about you that you are developing interest based on the knowledge and skill on which you have planed to move into this sector. Therefore you focus on the targeted industry with the pace where you will be utilized as a proper influx and then plan out the noble formula to execute it further.

There are some important highlights I would like to share with you to assure your decision in positive frame:

IT as an intimate tool to complement the agricultural agenda related to greater production of agricultural production: IT professional can make the database of soil types, climatic conditions, metro-logical bulletins, edaphic factors, based on the database you can transmit the proper utility report in advance and can explain the agri-scientists and farmers about the effective of particular fertilizer in a particular zone. It will control the misuse of fertilizer and soil will be protected from the toxicity caused by excess and improper chemical fertilizers.

Fertilizer industry can take the help of IT professional, in fact it is in practice in developed country like USA, Israel etc. estimating the green house gas emission also and developing the strategies to control the excess emission.

Many good examples are available for you and therefore you are to switch over into this demanding sector , as you know India's economy is based on agriculture and farmers need to be enriched with soft skills like other professional. You can develop the simple model system for farmers and educate them for proper use of fertilizers through computational skill.

If you make such kind of proposal and put it forward to any govt agency then needless to go for any private industry even you can establish your own entrepreneurship which is very much possible.

For such big goal you have to be collaborative with agricultural scientist and horticulturist only then you can think of many factors as negative and positive.

I do prefer to narrate the situational theme so that aspirants can understand my point of view in simple manner.

Hope my proposal cum advise will motivate you for your plan to be successful.

All the best


RE: I need to study fertilizer making techniques. can u plz tell which institute will provide the course for it ?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

You are in a commandable situation and being a computer engineer and smart professional in MNC have tremnedous oportunities at multidisciplinary level. I do not see any bad reason to leave such dynamic job in MNC which must be paying you a smart kit. Anyways everybody has individual approach to look for the change with positive mind set. As of now you are in the preperatory mode and must be understanding the pros and cons of such change if you are not doing so then must start thinking.
Now you have two ways to initiate such dialogue either you continue your job while searching the pathway to reach the destination or quite it completely and give a defined shape to it. First one is meant for the financial security and the second option is intensive approach with the firmness moreover the financial resource is much needed at the juncture for incubating your skill in that way.

Certian things you have to do before you change the job:
1. What is the objective and ultimate requirement of area of your interest where you see i will be absorbed and then do the wholesome analysis at large scale. If you have thought of the agri-business then must be inspired or aspired by certian facts. Note down the points at requirement level and analyse how I will attend them?

2. After knowing above facts you look at your strength and prepare a statement of purpose in a descent manner take the help of a professional who will guide you to make it meaningful. Your CV must be reflecting the co-herrency between the job type anf your statement of purpose. Always remember your academic background is prevelent to claim any job. Therefore you are advised to give a smart look of CV based on your past experience and expected job in your career.

3. Be ready to answer the questions from employer side -why you are changing your job? Present job is not compatable for you or you are not compitent for your current job. In true sense both questions are pinpointing you so be ready to justify your decesion to change the field. If you are analysing your profile with self critics then sertianly you will be at the best side to answer the questions of recruiters from that filed. Answering the questions not going to solve the purpose so prepare yourself structurally only then you could be successful.


RE: I need to study fertilizer making techniques. can u plz tell which institute will provide the course for it ?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, many thanks for your question. This is rather a very prospective question and I can undestand that you really flourish in your life. Since you are a computer engineer and wish to work in agribusiness specially in fertilizers. In India, there are many private companies which runs fertilizer manufacturing palnts.

In my opinion , the indian university or institute do not exactly offer a course in fertilizer making. But the private companies which manufacture the chemical fertilizers do offer training programs.
The main chemical fertilizer manufacturing companies are Chambal fertilizers and chemicals limited, Narmada Uria, Gujrat Narmada Valley fertilizers, IFFCO, Coromandal International Limited, Rashtriya chemicals and fertilizers limited, National fertilizers limited, Fertilizers and Chemicals Travencore Limited, Zuari Agro Chemicals limited, Liberty Phosphate Limited, Paradeep phosphates limited, Kribhko fertilizers and may more.

If you really have interest in chemical fertilizers making industry and you wish to start your own plant. Then you have to understand the functiong of the plant. From where you will get the raw material, how to process it, and where to consume the products. If this is clear to you than you have to undestand the manufactyuring process.

Agriculture & Allied Fields
THe best way will be to find a job in any chemical fertilizer plant. Aftermaking an entry you have to understand the various parameters, which includes the purchasing of instruments, their operation, their maintenance etc. As a computer enginer you will better understand the functioning of a chemical fertilizer plant. The reason being that most of the plants are controlled and operated by computers.

There many private fertilizer manufacturing companies which offer training programs. These training programs will definitely help you to know the process of chemical fertilizers manufacture. To know about the information of such training programs, you have to visit the web sites of the company. The national news papers also post the advertisements, therfore, you have to be very vigil.

Another very important point is the investment in constructing a chemical fertilizer plant. I believe that you must be having an idea about it. In my opinion the money involved is a huge amount. From your question, you wish to learn the fertilizer making techniques, this techniques will be useful in construction of chemical fertilizer plant only and not in trading of chemical fertilizers.
I believe that you will be able to fulfill your dream of agribusiness.
With all my best wishes,

A very good luck to you and your dreams.

RE: I need to study fertilizer making techniques. can u plz tell which institute will provide the course for it ?

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