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I want to do anything except medical nd engineering

I am curious, Kindly clarify

by Adyasha Das
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3 answers

RE: I want to do anything except medical nd engineering

Dr. K.V. Anand
Dr. K.V. Anand
Verified Career Expert
Career Guide, Educationist, Author and Clinical Psychologist
  • Palakkad

Dear career aspirant

Welcome to CareerGuide
We help you choose best career as per your talents and ability.

Nice query. When most of the people run behind medical and engineering, you wants to be different. I appreciate the thought. The actual career selection totally depends on the persons ability, attitude and skills.

I shall advice you to take a psychometric test which measures your skills, attitudes and abilities. Once you know them, career selection shall be more easy. For example, If you have leadership skill you can opt to be a top level manager.

The options for you are vast. To list the opportunities other than engineering and medical, this interface may not be enough. Still I shall showcase some important ones:

1. Teacher
2. Physicist or research fellow or scientist in any science branck
3. Pharmacist
4. Medical technician
5.Management graduate or BBA then MBA
6. Computer professional. Hardware or software
7. Film and movie related career like sound engineer, choreographer.
8. Historian
9. Librarian
10. Psychologist
11. Marine assistant
12. Photography or Journalism (Print and visual media)
13. Government sector after PSC

The above are the few options I can give you. The options shall open and show you are more and more as you progress with your understand of yourself with the skills, aptitude and attitude. With the help of training also you can improve your aptitudes.

After taking the test, select one career option and come back.

Hope you can understant. Available for further clarifications.
Good luck.

RE: I want to do anything except medical nd engineering

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,

Of many students that I have counselled in my more than seven years of career counselling experience, I have rarely come across a student like you who does not wish to go for engineering or medical field.

In fact actually this is a good thing as far as you are thinking some thing different for your self and not following the people just for the sake of it. I very much believe that every person is unique and there fore one career cannot suit every body or not every career is suited for every body.

Since you have decided that you dont want to go to medical or engineering field, I get a feeling that you are from a science stream. Based on science stream there are also many career options apart from engineering and medical.

The below picture will show you some options in Science field.

The above picture shows you clearly how many excellent options you have apart from engineering and medical.

Doing anything:

Doing anything apart from engineering and medical is a risky proposition as far as career choice making is concerned.

Always remember that choosing anything will land you in problem, since may be later you will realise that you liked some thing else that this and your mind was capable for that some thing else.

I would there fore recommend you that you should undergo a Career Assessment Test which is called as Psychometric Test. Psychometric Test is also available at as a download tool. You can attempt this test from your home all by your self, however you need to ensure that you attempt it with peace, calmness, undisturbed and unbiased and very very honestly and sincerely, since the results will be very true to make you able to decide which career options after 10th or 12th and course in science field you should take.

Always remember that career is for you, you are not for career, there fore you need to know for your self first what capabilities, abilities, passion, interests, likings you have in you so that based on that you can choose your future life career. Psychometric test will exactly tell you the above aspects.

All the Best!

RE: I want to do anything except medical nd engineering

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Reading up your query, I clearly understand your aim to be different from everyone and you are not a person who prefers doing that actually everybody does. Right? This is a fantastic thought and you should be definitely appreciated for that. Doing something different other than Medical or Engineering is very good.

May I know what subjects you studied at HSC level? Were a science/ computer science or a commerce student? Depending on this I could better guide you. But I assume you were a science student as you have indicated that you want to do something different other than medical or engineering. Therefore I shall explain on what courses you can pursue and also being different.

  • Three year humanities based subject: You can study a three year humanities based subject like the BA History or Geography. These profiles are still rewarded at many professions and especially at government sectors. Students can also progress to do a masters and then a PhD, and work as faculties and professors at universities.
  • Three year science based subject: You can choose to study a three year science based subject like the BSC Biology, Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Bio chemistry, Bio organic chemistry, Medical lab technology, Ophthalmology, Radiography, lab technology, Nano technology, Industrial biotechnology, Medical biotechnology, Genetics and so on. Similarly after these bachelors courses, you can do a MSc and finally a PhD in the similar subject and this qualifies you for a faculty position or a research position at universities and research institutes.
  • Psychology: You can also do a BSc Psychology course if you are interested. This course is about understanding psychology behaviour of people at various situations. After this BSC, you can do an MSc and also get specialised as Educational psychology, Child psychology, adult psychology, forensic psychology, counselling psychology, experimental psychology and clinical psychology.
  • Sociology: This is a three year arts degree and as part of this degree you will understand about society, population, medical needs, health and education needs of the society. If you are concerned of the society and its development, this is a suitable course for you too.
  • Social work: This degree is recently treated as a professional degree as it requires license to work as a social worker. you will almost study everything as part of the sociology degree but this is more practically based.
  • Languages: You can study BA English, Hindi or any other regional languages within India. Language degrees are high demand and you can work as a writer, publisher,

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JEE Main Previous Year CutOff PDFs

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RE: I want to do anything except medical nd engineering

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