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I want to pursue some creative field (specially related to TV,media,theatre,dance). Is BJMC a right choice for me? Bright career option?

I have filled BJMC course and Eco Hons in DU form. My family n I m worried about my right career course choice. I have lost interest in any kind of engineering or any "studyful thing".Therefore I didn't give any competitive exam this year. I have scored 87.2% (Best 4) in class 12th this year (English,PCM with Economics).

by Tanvi Goel
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1 answer

RE: I want to pursue some creative field (specially related to TV,media,theatre,dance). Is BJMC a right choice for me? Bright career option?

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Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,

Glad to see you approach CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance.

87% are very good percentage in HSC level.

TV, Media, Theatre, Dance are Arts field and BJMC will not help you here since BJMC is a course related to only Journalism and Mass Communication. Journalism includes TV reporting, print report, investigation, and media / mass communication include advertising, event management, communication, public relations, etc. Theatre, acting, dance are not related to BJMC course and career.

Anyways, BJMC and Economics honours are two course apart from each other. Both are not related and according to me there is no use career wise to study economics and journalism or mass communication.

Based on your details in your query, what I would suggest is decide whether you want to go into acting in theatre or TV or would like to become a journalist or mass communication expert?

I would suggest you to really attempt the Ideal Career Assessment Test available at CareerGuide.com which will give you the exact idea of what you are made up for and which career course and choice will suit you the best according to your personality, aptitude, passion, interests, etc.

You are from the science background, so it may happen that after attempting the test, you may become aware of any science related field but which you your self were not aware of based on your competencies and passion. You may definitely not schoose engineering, since your mind is not ready for it, but there are definitely lot other options you can look for.

I would suggest you to choose a course very cautiously instead of choosing randomly only based on your inner voice.

All the Best!

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