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ICRI Institute – India’s premier institute in Clinical Research

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RE: ICRI Institute – India’s premier institute in Clinical Research

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Established in 2004, the Institute of Clinical Research (ICRI) is one of the best institutes in India for Clinical Research and healthcare. Based in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, the institute was the first one to introduce India' first Ph.D. Clinical Research program in the country. ICRI offers a unique curriculum which combines academic and pragmatic learning to the students. Among accolades or accomplishments, ICRI to conduct first international and national conference in clinical research. But before we dig deep about the institute, let’s understand the meaning and importance of Clinical Research in today’s world.

As the name suggests, it is a type of study one undertakes to understand the new drugs in human subjects to produce data. It helps in discovering or verifying the Clinical, Pharmacological or adverse effects of that new drug with the objective of ensuring safety and efficacy of the drug. People interested in this profession needs to be higher passionate about the pharmaceutical industry and the world of medicines. The process of a clinical research is conducted in 4 phases which are explained below:

  • Phase I: Firstly, a new drug is administered to a small amount, around 20-80 healthy, and the volunteers are informed about the same under a close supervision of the doctor. Here, the sole purpose is to determine whether the new compound is tolerated by the patient’s body or not and if it will behave in the predicted way.


  • Phase II: In the second phase, the drug is administered to a group of 100-300 informed patients in order to determine the effect and check for any unacceptable side effects if any.



  • Phase III: In this phase, the group of administered patients is between 1000 and 5000 to use statistics and analyze the results. Depending on the results, the data is presented to the authorities to obtain a commercial license. 
  • Phase IV: A surveillance operation phase, the medicine is made available to doctors to start prescribing it and whose effects are monitored on patients in order to identify any unforeseen side effects.


Find Here: The Courses in Clinical Research, Healthcare Management and Hospital Management by ICRI


Such calculative and pragmatic thought process is used in the study of clinical researchers which requires a highly proactive and dedicated approach. And here comes the Institute of Clinical Research (ICRI) in limelight for training the individuals for such practices to be conducted with same precision and care.


  • ICRI lets study for a variety of subjects in the field to equip students professionally and academically and trains them for the vast global job market.
  • A unique curriculum of the ICRI combines practical and academic learning with its scheme of the internship with the global companies like DR Reddy’s labs, Ranbaxy, Novartis and Glaxo SmithKline to name a few.
  • More than 90% of the trainees of the ICRI are picked up by the reputed companies for the permanent positions
  • As a result of the courses which cover a wide variety of subjects, ICRI graduates are also hired by IT companies like WIPRO, TCS & HCS.
  • ICRI boasts to have launched India’s first book on clinical research and pharmacovigilance.
  • Major corporate training workshops have been conducted by the ICRI at companies such as Apollo hospital, Dr.Reddy’s, , IPCA LAB and Panacea Biotech.
  • ICRI has partnered with leading organizations such as UKIERI, Singh health, DIA, and AHA, for various research and training initiatives.
  • Most of the working professionals in clinical research & pharmacovigilance industry are ICRIians, therefore you will be the most preferred candidate for any top job in the field.
  • ICRI has the distinction as it is the first such institute which has launched a D. in Clinical Research and the first national and international conference in clinical research in India.


Career prospects for the students from ICRI are high in the segment

ICRI is one of the best institutes which provide quality learning in Clinical Research. It offers job placements to thier students along with campus facilities in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

  • Starting salary of ICRI’ians is 4 to 7 lacs
  • 100% Placements with ICRI
  • All programmes are fully residential.
  • University is spread over 45 acres of lush green land located very near to the Bengaluru International Airport & 52 acres in Delhi.
  • The infrastructural pride of the University is its Library The Library block holds an Information Centre with about 150 computers
  • University promotes celebration of several festivals and sports and cultural activities that encourage young minds to engage in an all round development
  • Classrooms are IT enabled
  • The Amphitheatre and the Open Air Theatre facilitate smooth conduct of all University-wide group events.
  • Hostel campuses in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are genuinely a home away from home. Providing a comfortable and safe environment to its students is the University’s top most priority.

With these features and objectives to be recognized as a center of excellence and become a pioneering institution in promoting ethical Clinical Research in the country, ICRI claims to have 90% of ICRI’s trainees absorbed by leading companies at permanent positions. They push towards giving a boost to the development of Clinical Research in the country. As the lack of skilled manpower in Clinical Research industry is being felt lately, the institute aims to fill the vacuum with their intellectually challenging education system and thus bring out the best of talent out in the industry.

In order to achieve all these, the faculty at the Institute of Clinical Research (ICRI) also works with the same dedication and diligence with the students who are the brighter future of an advanced tomorrow.  With a distinguished team of academicians and renowned pharmaceutical experts from the industry, the institute has a permanent faculty and a visiting faculty from India and abroad. If one wishes to churn out a career in the clinical research sector, the ICRI is one stop for sure. With the best of both worlds, there is no second thought when it comes to choosing a trustworthy and renowned institute like this.

RE: ICRI Institute – India’s premier institute in Clinical Research

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