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What are the new age career paths in the health sector?

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RE: What are the new age career paths in the health sector?

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Are you a science student? Have you been thinking about pursuing a career that not only helps you become more skilled in your stream but also allows you to do a job that makes your life more meaningful with utmost job satisfaction? You have come to the right place, today we are going to reveal 5 most growing career path in the health sector.


#Veterinary technician

Have you always been compassionate towards animals? Being a veterinary technician will help you follow the path in which you will get to look after animals every day in your life. It is among one the most growing career options for students interested in the medical line.


 Responsibilities of a Veterinary technician

  • Constantly checking the change in behavior in animals patients.
  • Prescribing an effective medication for any kind of health conditions.
  • Advising customers to give a specific diet to their pet according to their age and health status.
  • Performing surgeries, operation and first aid required under the different severity of injuries or conditions.
  • Keeping a history of record from regular patients.


Various roles choice

As a vet technician you can either work as a regular vet in hospitals or start your own business:

Or you can work as a vet technician surgeon who only performs emergency surgery or operations. Apart from these two options, you can also work as a zoo keeper, caring for animals in zoo or aquariums.


#Physiotherapist/ Physical Therapy 

Being a science student and willing to work for the welfare of human health makes Physiotherapy an attractive career option for those who aspire to go in the medical line. Physiotherapy acts as an elimination for the need of being on medications for an ongoing pain due to an injury or any other reason. Physiotherapy is a more effective and less time-consuming way to overcome any kind of physical pain/ disability/condition.It is also very demanding amongst sports people. Due to poor lifestyle being followed by a huge population, people often comes to the doctor complaining about pain in several parts of the body in which the most common is back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and knee pain. Having plenty people to take care of, it is becoming one of the most rising careers of today.


 Responsibilities of a physiotherapist

  • Observing the severity of disability, injury, chronic pain in his/her patients of all ages varying from children to old people and pregnant women as well and preparing a therapy plan accordingly.
  • Observing changes or improvement in patients conditions and change therapy plan accordingly (as too much or too less might worsen the condition or not improve the existing problem respectively)
  • Manage to bring more strength, stamina, balance and better range of motion in patients.


Various roles choice

As a physiotherapist one has various choices to specialize in, some most popular are:

  • Dry needling in which a needle is used to unblock pain locked in different trigger points.
  • Joint mobilization is a technique in which joint stiffness is removed using high-velocity movements.
  • Hydro Therapy is a technique in which patient are made to do specific movements inside warm water which is very effective.
  • Tapping is used to recovering faster and also prevent future injury.


There a few more choices that one can take up and grow his profession with a growing career.


#Athletic Trainer

 If you wish to pursue a medical career that is unique from the traditional one then this might be the one that you are looking for.Sports people have to spend a large part of their day exercising in the fields which make them vulnerable to injuries and such injuries call for instant attention and care and that’s where the role of an athletic trainer comes in.He/she has several responsibilities out of which few are listed below.


Athletic Trainer Responsibilities

As the name suggests, in this career your responsibilities are to deal with the injuries or any health problem in a sports athlete. Some of them are given below: 

  • Commence the necessary steps to determine the depth of injury or illness to provide required care accordingly.
  • Resolve athletic health issue or injury using therapy tools, techniques, and medication.
  • Keep a record of improvement in athletes and give the progress report to coach and physicians.
  • Plan necessary fitness and training plans for players to help them improve their performance.


#Dental Hygienist

 As a dental hygienist one’s job is to look after the oral health of the patients. Giving advice to patients to prevent any future health problem. Resolving any existing problem by providing proper care and medications.Let’s take a look at some of the major duties for a dental hygienist..

 Responsibilities of a Dental Hygienist

  • Assessing the oral health of the patient and taking next steps accordingly.
  • Screening dental radiographs to check the health status of teeth. (x-rays)
  • Providing dental health treatment options to the patients.
  • Taking procedures for removal of calculus and plaque from all the areas of the teeth.
  • Keeping the record of patients medical oral history.


#Radiation Therapist

Last but not the least, a radiation therapist is also among the most successful health care career. He/She treats cancer patients and some other diseases as well by a procedure that requires the patient to undergo radiation sessions. There are several duties that have to be fulfilled as a radiation therapist. Such as providing patients information about various treatment options and answering their queries; and there is a lot more to add. Let's take a look at them.

Responsibilities of a Radiation Therapist

 Take safety measures to prevent patients and themselves from overexposure to radiation.

  • Taking x rays of the patients to determine the exact location of the treatment area.
  • Keeping a record of patient recovery and treatment.
  • Checking the radiation machine to ensure the right amount of radiation in the right area of treatment.



All the above-mentioned careers aren’t only developing rapidly, they also offer attractive remuneration, high reputation in society and an exciting work for every day which will always keep you enthusiastic. Pick any of these career paths according to your interest and set yourself on a road to success.


RE: What are the new age career paths in the health sector?

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