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What are the companies that absorb transport management professionals and what are the remuneration packages offered by them?

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RE: What are the companies that absorb transport management professionals and what are the remuneration packages offered by them?

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Transport management is the backbone of 90% industries. The requirement of a seasoned professional who can handle- warehouse inventory, purchase decisions, logistics support and supply chain management is the most wanted person for corporate today. There are various companies that absorb students from campus. There are some age-old companies as well as some companies which have been funded by foreign companies and doing well in the Indian market.

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Some companies which have a steady requirement of transport management professionals throughout the year are:

  • Agarwal packer’s n movers Pvt. Ltd: Founded in 1987, was a small firm but today is an established name and requires transport management professionals at all levels.
  • Pridel Pvt Ltd:  Started in 1993 as a customs clearance agent, Chairman
    Pradyumma Gupta took 25 years to establish this company to the highest level.
  • CTC freight Carriers Pvt. Ltd:  It’s a highly reliable and proficient provider of freight transportation and transportation warehousing services.
  • Atlas logistics .co. in: It’s the most comprehensive logistics solution that reaches out to provide a comprehensive solution to all logistics problem.
  • Global express service: It provides international logistics support to countries in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.
  • Safexpress: Market leader of Indian supply chain and logistics industry. It plans to open another 32 more offices in a couple of years.
  • Ashok Leyland: Company that moves people and goods across 50 million countries worldwide.
  • DTDC: the courier solution company that provides to 10,000 zip codes and 10 million consignments every month.
  • Falcon freight link:  Founded in 1989 as a custom house agent, which went into international freight forwarding in 2004.
  • OM logistics Ltd: It’s the flagship company of Om group that provides innovation and some value added solutions to some Indian and other multinational companies.
  • Lee n Muir Pvt Ltd: started in 1945, owned by Parikh family covers the full scope of international transportation.
  • GM Bakshi Ltd: Established in 1916, one of the premier industries in shipping service today stands into international transportation.

When it became evident that the e-commerce section cannot be successful in India, the logistics section enjoyed privilege. According to the data captured from venture capital intelligence firm Tracxn, funding money towards logistics jumped from the US $69.3 million to the US $ 617.7 million from 2014 and 2015.

  • Ecomxpress(US$ 133,000,000): Provides end to end solution to e-commerce sites which means that it takes care of everything from the moment a customer orders something online till the time it reaches his home.
  • Delhivery -($85,000,000): Founded by Sahil Barua, provides end to end solution to customers and instead of housing these services inside the company it outsources and gets the solution done.
  • Blackbuck -($ 30,000,000): Uses its technology to aggregate freight to transport between various cities.
  • Rivigo -($30, 000, 00): It’s an intercity transportation start-up with unique relay model. Drivers are strategically placed within India and each move goods to allotted designation.

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Now let’s have a look at the salary levels of transport management professionals. The figures are taken from a literature of logistics executive group. The figures vary according to cities but Mumbai is taken as the benchmark.

  • Managing director or General manager based in Mumbai is entitled to a salary of 75 lacs to 1.2 crores INR per annum.
  • Supply chain Vice president/ Director is entitled to a salary of 55-85 crores INR per annum.
  • Logistics Director is entitled to 40-60 lacs INR per annum.
  • Regional Logistics Manager is entitled to 18-25 lacs INR per annum.
  • Warehouse manager is entitled to 8-14 lacs INR per annum
  • Warehouse/Operations executive is entitled to 3-6 lacs INR per annum
  • Quality Manager is entitled to 9-18 lacs INR per annum
  • Logistics specialist is entitled to 6-9 lacs INR per annum
  • Procurement Director is entitled to 50-75 lacs INR per annum
  • Senior procurement manager is entitled to 15-25 lacs INR  per annum
  • Senior quality manager is entitled to 10-20 lacs INR per annum
  • Sourcing manager is entitled to 8-15 lacs INR per annum
  • Purchasing manager is entitled to 6-10 lacs INR per annum
  • Purchasing officer is entitled to 3-6 lacs INR per annum
  • Demand /Supply planning head is entitled to 25-35 lacs INR per annum
  • Supply chain manager is entitled to 14-20 lacs INR per annum
  • Planning /forecast manager is entitled to 8-12 lacs INR per annum
  • Commodity manager is entitled to 9-15 lacs INR per annum
  • Inventory manager is entitled to 7-10 lacs INR per annum
  • Inventory controller is entitled to 4-10 lacs INR per annum
  • Supply chain consultant is entitled to 15-35 lacs INR per annum
  • Project implementation manager is entitled to 13-20 lacs INR per annum
  • Project manager is entitled to a salary of 15-20 lacs INR per annum
  • General manager transport is entitled to 25- 40 lacs INR per annum
  • National distribution head is entitled to 30-50 lacs INR per annum
  • Zonal distribution manager is entitled to 13-17 lacs INR per annum
  • Transport controller is entitled to 6-9 lacs INR per annum.

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It’s generally seen that as a person climbs the ladder of success, higher is the salary scale. So, looks like it’s a rewarding career and the future of all industries. What have not been included are the fees of consultants which are not included in the chart as it depends on experience and hourly basis. For aspirants, who are still thinking about studying transport management, it’s a great opportunity to revamp your thoughts; transport management is the profession everybody will desire in the 21st century.

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RE: What are the companies that absorb transport management professionals and what are the remuneration packages offered by them?

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