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Why People are interested in engineering and doctors? Is it difficult to be a Judge? Is their a scope and earning? Is their a fame?

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RE: Why People are interested in engineering and doctors? Is it difficult to be a Judge? Is their a scope and earning? Is their a fame?

Dr Rupa Talukdar
Dr Rupa Talukdar
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Most conventional careers are either Engineering or Doctors-these are most well known professions and specially Doctors are associated with our daily need-people give honour to them as they are the care taker of our physiological well being-so doctors have special position in our society-almost next to GOD like-it is the common belief.

So also engineering-if anyone is efficient in Maths-s/he obviously chooses Engineering as it needs the skill of Maths for measurement and technical knowledge.

Economically they earn good amount from the beginning of the career-specially Doctors.

But there are many professions which are like above and nation also needs them-so students need awareness programme-and also parents are required to educate them likewise.

To become a Judge is not difficult one-like above profession it also needs to study well-the time of study period is like the Medical Studies.

Other profession like Medicine is Allied Health Sciences which either pure biological or mixed with technology.

As the other professions are in demand; so also people would draw good amount after the finishing of the courses-so students along with their parents need to have appropriate awareness about the other professions

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