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Why the ILAM is the preferred institution for pursuing careers in Aviation & Logistics?

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RE: Why the ILAM is the preferred institution for pursuing careers in Aviation & Logistics?

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What are Aviation and Logistics?

The aviation management deals with one of the most basic and is to oversee the air traffic and control the rules compliance with local and federal rules and regulations in order to overcome with the most advanced and analytical mobility of cargo ships and docks in the fast, safe, secure and reliable way and hence increasing and providing the quality services and creating a reliable communication to satisfy and fulfill the demands of the customers. The professionals from this industry leads the air traffic from frontend and the backend both and delivers the quality services that is much needed in order to maintain the degree of quality among the airline and during the airtime of the flight or airplane, and with providing the most of the cargo and goods as the efficient platform to be transported on. The idea of this industry is to create a response team for every possible situation to deal with the each and every terminal of the aviation and flight industry and manages the workspace of the system.

Industry aspects

With a high growth in technology, the number of flights taking off every day is increasing, so as the air traffic and passengers traveling from the airplanes and hence the industry of aviation and logistics management has been growing at a faster and better rate. In the past few years there has been a high growth in the passengers and the number is almost equivalent to the 40m to 110m in the last 5 years and is expected to grow to 150m by 2020, which is a very high growth and does the need of the professionals to cope up with the situation will be very high. The current day situation states that over 115 domestic airlines and above 60 international airlines are operating in India, which is the very high number even for a country like India which has high population density and hence the requirement of people will be considerable high.

Opportunities in aviation

The aviation industry has a number of sub-branches that can be considered in order to have a future in the system. Aviation is the processing system which plays a vital role in a number of industries and is as follow as:

  • Aerospace
  • Airlines
  • Transportation
  • Courier & Mails
  • Food & Grocery
  • Forestry
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Government
  • Hotel & Hospitality
  • International Trade
  • Tourism (Health, Leisure, Medical, etc.)
  • Military & National Defense Shipment
  • Export/ Import
  • Domestic Transfer of Shipment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Education
  • Research and Development
  • Air & Space Law

All these mentioned above industries are open to hiring aviation manager in multiple positions including the finance, route management, fleet management, Ground Handling, Customer services, Crew Scheduling, Revenue Management, Slot Allocation, In-flight services, Safety and Security, Engineering. There is majority of areas that are served by the aviation industry too. These areas are the subset of the work paradigm and plays the end role in the service delivery to each and every consumer. Some of the few areas can be, Strategic planning, hospitality services, Medical Services, Strategic Planning, Customer services, ticketing etc. 


  • ILAM is preparing you for the careers of tomorrow.
  • Higher salary 4 to 7 lacs in starting & within 5 years its 10 to 12 lacs pa
  • Additional certificate from CII in Logistics
  • Frequent guest lecturers & Industry visits
  • Additional certificate from Galileo in Aviation
  • Teaching by pool of expert from XLRI &IIMA
  • Placement with big brands
  • Nation-wide campuses- Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore

Perks of Joining ILAM

All the mentioned above are the aspects of the ILAM which is Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management, which is one of the respected institutes of India for the aviation and Logistics management courses. The ILAM has the most interesting and highly professional course which is designed in order to cope up with the upcoming trends and technologies that can be used in industry and hence making the most suitable candidates for the job. Apart from that, adding to the portfolio of the ILAM, the winner of Dewang Mehta awards for two consecutive years for the category of "best teaching practices in Logistics and Aviation" and Best Institute Award from Star TV.

Recruitment and Placements of ILAM

If this isn’t sufficient, then ILAM also has a greater value at placements and has tie-ups with a number of organizations like, GAAR, Lufthansa, British Airways, Royal Jordanian, Jet Airways, Spice Jet, IndiGo, etc. to provide ultimate opportunities to work and learn at their professional level. The ILAM also tries it’s best to provide internship and learning opportunity to each and every student and hence making it as one of the most prestigious colleges in India with a greater exposure and comparatively a better option to choose from, for the aviation and logistics management courses.

RE: Why the ILAM is the preferred institution for pursuing careers in Aviation & Logistics?

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