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Aditi Sarswat – choosing career, deciding future is easy now

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Aditi Sarswat – choosing career, deciding future is easy now


Aditi Saraswat

Students often wonder what their future would be, what their career would be all about. In general, students’ decisions about their career choices are influenced by others. But things are changing now. The reliance of career decisions is seeing a paradigm shift towards more informative options. For this purpose, CareerGuide has created Psychometric Tests which enable the students to identify their personal traits- strengths, interests, creativity and even their employability index.

  • Aditi Sarswat, who is a student at Mody School, Jaipur – talks about how choosing a particular stream and deciding upon career options has become far more convenient. Earlier there was some confusion in her mind about the different career fields, but she feels vivacious now. Her smile tells the story.After the career guidance session, Aditi realized her true potential and understood the realms of the career choices. CareerGuide team wishes her All the Best for the future.

More about Psychometric Tests at CareerGuide: The career assessment tests at CareerGuide are extremely important in getting the insights of the behavioral and psychological aspects of an individual. The students can then easily understand numerous things about themselves, previously which they were unaware of career experts are there in a much better position to guide the students. The career decision making process for the students has got simpler and better.

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