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You can be Successful and Confident after Career Counselling

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When you were a toddler remember how you keep changing your career goals – one day you would want to become a pilot, on other days you had the doctor hat on and wanted to become a doctor. While on other days you felt like being a fashion designer. Your dreams kept changing like the impetuosity of the wind vane. You grow up and your aspirations change and you laugh out loud at those silly games. You suddenly become serious about your career and try to unearth your unique skills and a job matching your skills.

As your dreams and ideas shape into something concrete and substantial you realize your true potential and puff! Goes all those hair-raising ideas you nursed when you were a kid like you are quiet and introvert perhaps yet you wanted to be in sales and marketing where you have to be at your gregarious best.

You have seen and observed the raving and ranting of most of your friends and peers, how they had dabbled at various career options and never felt satisfied with the kind of job they had. They cribbed incessantly about their jobs like some said,” I hate my job”, some others said” I wish I had a more suitable job”, yet some more complained about the minuscule pay packets they were getting,” I am getting peanuts and yet I am working so hard.” Complaints galore. Yet they had followed every rule in the book. If you investigate you would find out that they have done everything possible, but have not consulted a expert. They have not employed the scientific approach which would have helped them to come to the right conclusion.

Have many questions about your career ?

Ask a Career Counsellor

How does consulting an expert/counselor helps?

A career expert/counselor works with all kinds of people, with a cross-section of people of different ages, different aspirations, and different experience. A professional would help these people to reach their goals. Experts have to prove themselves as like any other profession they have to separate themselves from the quacks. Continuously upgrade them adjusting to the changing scenario of the job market. How does a career expert help? A expert helps the candidate in the following ways.

  • A career expert/counselor tests the candidates on the aptitudes and skills of a candidate and tries to find out the right career for their clients.
  • The qualification of a particular candidate would prompt them to find the right career fit for him/her and also will suggest whether the education needs to be upgraded. That is whether the candidate needs to do more to enable the right selection of career.
  • The personality of the candidate would also select the right kind of career. A quiet and creative person would choose a different career for them and a smooth-talker and loquacious would choose something else. In other words, their personalities would determine which career to choose.
  • The interests of the candidate would also be taken into account to choose the right career. As a career suiting, the individual skills and aptitudes help to choose a career which is more rewarding and fulfilling.

Who benefits from career counseling? Well, it can be all and sundry. Right from the confused teenager to the person who wants to change their career mid-way to those who cannot fathom which career path would be more rewarding and more satisfying. There are some who have whiled away their time in some pursuit which was not apt for them in the first place. But they have formed certain set notions aided by their parents, friends, and advisors. It had not worked with them. They have chosen wrong and are downright miserable as they are caught in a career which is not what they thought out to be, initially. So they need to get the particular direction which they have been looking for.

Have many questions about your career ?

Ask a Career Counsellor

Give Yourself a Chance

If you are thinking of pursuing your goals you have to give yourself the right opportunities to explore the multitudinous options waiting for you to try.  Delve deep into your skills repertoire and come up with answers to your incessant questions. Some of which you are not able to answer with self-help think of taking the help of career experts and career counselors who would sharpen your skills and move up the corporate ladder with a rapidity which deserted you previously.


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