Hey Dear,I am sure you are working hard for cracking your AIIMS and AIPMT exam. Both of the exams are really tough exams are require one to work hard and enough to crack the exam. Every years Lakhs of Students sit for the exam and only a very limited and handful of students qualify the exam and get admission.Dear from this year there is only a single MBBS entrance exam is held and hence only the toppers will be selected. All the colleges will take admission on the basis of the merit list that will be prepared. So you will have to work even harder to get through a good college.every one wants t

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Hi Rahim,   The examination content for any competitive exam should as per the syllabus followed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the body which prescribes NCERT books in schools. It is quite difficult to clear an entrance exam, as prestigious as AIIMS by only studying NCERT books, because you'll not be able to develop a deep insight and proper understanding of any given topic. It is therefore, advised to study only the relevant topics in reference books in detail for focussed preparation of a competitive exam. A review of the last three years entrance examination papers wi

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Dear aspirant, First of all I would like to appreciate you that you came on right platform for right guidance. As per your question that your goal is to become a doctor. As you know that for becoming a doctor, at least you have to complete [MBBS from good University or Institute][1]. I would like to suggest you that before applying for admission in any Institute or University, you must check whether Institute or University is MCI ( Medical council of India) approved or not, because some private University in India are not MCI approved.   Now I want to make you aware about one th

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Dear Student, Thank for approaching [MeraCarrerGuide.com][1] as you are looking for two medical sciences as well as computer sciences both as a core course which is not possible. [Minimum qualification for medical entrance][2] test is biology -botany -zoology, physics, and chemistry at twelve level with minimum sixty percent, this is the minimum qualification to appear into any medical test like CBSE conducts All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT),Army school of Medical Defence has Armed Force Medical College (AFMC) which is established for defence medical service, Christian Medical College

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Dear Aspirant, Welcome to [meracareerguide][1]We are happy to guide you through to a perfect career.Great to see your positive attitude towards your future. You selected medicine as your career and it is service oriented. Therefore every field related to medicine is basically a service to humanity. You are different from others because you want to serve mankind. I appreciate it and feel proud about you.In my opinion, you should not worry about the specialisation you are going to take in your post graduate level of qualification or studies. Initially you need to complete your graduation. G

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A very good question, but a really difficult one to answer.Since Bips is not a regular combination and a rare one it took me a difficult time to hunt for the answer.But never the less the good news is that you could study further any [course right from Medical][1] to [Pharmacy][2] to [Engineering][3] to Designing to [Biotechnology][4]. Mostly as per the rules you are eligible to appear for the State level exams, as far as the All India entrance exams are concerned, the site does not mention any such criteria, so you may be eligible to appear for those exams as well.As far as BITSAT is conc

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Hello Riya,  There is no midway. Either you pursue MBBS or try and convince them that you would not be able to cope up with the course. Doing a course just to satisfy parents without any interest would not help you score to your maximum potentials. Ofcourse a course in physiotheraphy, occupational theraphy or dentistry are medical.courses and very much in demand like other specialization in medical. Find a way to talk to them before you jump into a course. But do not negotiate on emotional terms, be practical and logical, only then will your points be taken. Or else take an Aptitude test.

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Hello Devika,  To pursue the medical profession, a student needs to pursue PCB in 12th. After that the student needs to clear the medical entrance exam like NEET, AIPMT etc. Please note if you are interested in dentistry and veternary doctor then you have to fill a seperate form than a regular entrance exam form. Once you secure admission, the MBBS course is 5 1/2 years course whereby 6 months is internship in which rural internship is must. Here you do not specialise in any field. Hence you could practice as a general physician once you pass MBBS. Similiar is BDS course. Only that after

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Hello Kalyani,  Whether you obtain a masters degree or any certificate, to practice in any country abroad, you will need to qualify according to their requirements. In UAE, you need to clear the test conducted by the MOH. Read more about it at: Similiarly for practicing at Malaysia, you will need to obtain a temporary practicing certificate from the malaysian dental board. http://mdc.moh.gov.my/modules/mastop_publish/?tac=FAQ According to me best would be to appear for GRE and pursue higher studies from abroad, which automatically makes you eligible to practice as you have obtained a deg

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 Hello Rahul,  Biology is a science related stream. Mainlyy into scientific application and research.  As a biologists, you can apply your scientific knowledge and join any industry of your choice right from pharmacy to biotechnology, chemical firms, clinical research teams, food science organizations, etc.  You can even pursue a course in lab technology and work as a medical lab technician. You could pursue a course in nutrition and dietetics and work as a dietician. You could also pursue microbiology and get into research related work related to microbes and their effects

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Hello Jennifar,    To be honest your question has got me confused. I really dont understand the reason for your confusion. Why are you unable to fix up your mind on one particular idea and carry on with it. Is it that you wish to  be doubly sure before you leap. But in career very few are people who are confident about their decisions, but majority dwindle and then make a confirmed choice. Here I can only suggest, make a note of your traits, your skills, your strengths, potentials etc. Though one can begin their career as an entrepreneur. But I always feel that knowing the marke

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Hello Himanshu,  I am unable to understand your question.  Are you saying subject selection for grade 8th. If yes, then please go in for an Aptitude test or career counseling test especially meant to help you select subjects you could opt for in class 8th. But in case you are looking for career guidance in class 7th, then please note its too early. Either you go for it in class 8th or after or during class 10th. Do write back if you had some other question in mind. Wish you good luck...

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Hello Apoorva,  Options are many, but it all depends on what you wish to pursue in the future. Before I list down options, I want you to ask yourself a question, why did you choose Medical as a career? What was your goal that prompted you to study medical?. Answering these questions will help you choose a stream you are interested in and is your passion, rather than doing higher studies because the market demands for it. Before you make a choice, I want you to Read and Research on the courses as to what they entail, skills required and future prospects. Few options includes:  1. MD /

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  Hello Saloni, Good question asked. But please note it is extremely difficult to answer the asked question. Since, cutoffs depends upon many factors right from,  Number of students who have appeared for the Medical examination Number of students from each category Number of students who have cleared the entrance exam Highest score and the lowest score Students who apply to different colleges based on their score So it is not possible to say for sure.  My advise would be do your best and score as high as you can, to get into the best college possible. At the sametime, you have

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Hello Anisha,  As you have rightly mentioned medical and engineering are not the only option for a science student. But please note there is nothing called as the best career option. An option chosen on the basis of ones potentials or aptitude, liking and interest is the best suited career for that individual. So its best you choose on the above basis. You could take help of an Aptitude test or career counseling test also available here at Mera career guide. Listing down few options a science student can opt for. Please do not select a career by the name of it. Research on the option as t

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Hello Mani,  Telling a budget for a course is not easy, since I am not a student nor an employee in the college. Best would be to check with the authorities by visiting the college. Or log in to the website and check if they have mentioned about the course fees. A rough idea would be 80 to a lakh per year.  Wish you good luck...

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Dear Aspirant, Publishing careers are now not limited to print media, but have expanded exponentially to online publishing. Therefore there are bright and huge career opportunities in publishing and to be more wide in the media careers. For getting into publishing career jobs, there are different roles to play. You will have to choose one or two of them since doing work in all the departments is not possible practically. For this, it would be better if you are academically qualified to make a career in media / publishing. MA Mass Communication / BA,MA Journalism, Mass Media, are some of the op

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Dear Aspirant, Definitely studying Medicine is a good option, but please remember that it is too costly too. If you can get eligible for scholarship, then it is very feasible. After 12th PCB, you can definitely go for MBBS course from US Universities. You need to have high score in 12th PCB and you will need to appear for their entrance tests for the MBBS course. Alternatively, you can think for MBBS course from India and then MS or MD from USA. This is a very popular and the most resorted option by students. Doing your Masters from USA is a very good thing. Indian MBBS degree is recognised in

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Dear Aspirant, Instead of searching for the best college for Physiotherapy course, I would suggest you to take admission to a college which is according to you good in infrastructure, laboratories, faculty, library. There is no official data on best physiotherapy college in India. I would suggest not to waste time and get into a good college and start studying. You need to study and take efforts to learn as much as possible in order to become a good Physiotherapist. Best wishes

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Dear Aspirant, All career options are good and best, but the fact is to know which career option is suitable for you specifically. There is no point in looking at others and choosing the career. Are you aware of what you are best at, what are you not good at, what are your opportunities, etc.? You have not mentioned which stream you are in or what is your current educational level or qualification. You have selected Physician Doctor as the category, which appears by mistake. Please take the Ideal Career Test from CareerGuide.com. This is a psychometric test which will tell you your best suitab

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Dear Aspirant, After 12th Science, if you have the aptitude and if you can clear the NEET with a high rank, then MBBS should be preferred. But do not compare it with IAS. IAS and MBBS are two different career option which have no relation with each other in any way. So please do not compare. Both can also be done, since there are many IAS officers who are MBBS degree holders and they are working in health department primarily and other departments too. However managing the studies for MBBS and IAS is difficult together and therefore you will have to plan very carefully.  Completing MBBS i

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Dear Aspirant, There are no definitive answers to your questions. All careers are in demand and shall always be. The important thing you should understand is in what career option you are suitable and best for. Not every career option is suitable to every individual, therefore asking this question is vague and irrelevant and illogical. Why don't you find out first what are your strong points in terms of aptitude, interests, emotional quotient, innate skills and abilities, etc. Knowing this aspects of what one has and what one does not have are important for career and life. Take the Ideal Care

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Hi Syed,   Your question is very subjective. I'd require some more details form you like your educational background, qualifications, work experience etc. to answer it in a relevant manner. However, to give you a broad perspective, unlike yesteryears where career options were limited to becoming a Doctor, Engineer and a teacher. With the advent of new educational courses, internet, influence of western education system a plethora of study options is now available. Apart from the conventional choices, you can now choose to be a Designer, Politician, social Worker, Actor, Radio Jockey, Arti

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Dear Aspirant, By the tone of your concern, I definitely feel that you neither wished to become a doctor nor you have interest in the medical field. If it was, then you would have appeared for the Medical Entrance Exam and not the Engineering Entrance examinations. Further you have got a seat in an engineering college but you have not liked that college. This means that your score in engineering entrance test was also not above average and therefore you have got an average engineering college seat. I really feel, that you are not clear and do not know what course you need to do. Engineering no

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Dear Friend, there are many institutions which are striving hard to earn image for quality education so that the students feel proud to be a kin of those institutions, these institutions are working diligently in the field of education and thereafter providing placements. You may choose any one of these - GITAM University, Vishakhapatnam,.................Manav Rachna University, Faridabad,....................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara

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Hello Mahek What is your confusion about MBBS course? Is it about choosing the course or about scope ? It has very good scope in India. If you are passionate about biology and are willing to serve in healthcare sector, then it’s suitable for you. To be successful in this career, one must be hard working, ready to put long hours at studying and practicing, able to handle stressful situations. Also excellent hand eye co-ordination, decision making skills and communication skills are required. Writing a psychometric test is highly recommended if you want some help in taking the decision. Al

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