Hello Arshita..!! Cracking NEET is not something which can be accomplished easily. It will need lots of hard work and concentration. But sometimes, hard work cannot assure you the sure success. For this, you have to study smart also apart from just studying hard for NEET exam. You have to start your preparations with the NCERT Books. These are really good books and you must start your preparation with these books only. Most of the questions in NEET come from the NCERT Books, so it will be really beneficial to go for them first. After, that you can jump on various books like HC Verma, MTG's boo

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Hi Rahim,   The examination content for any competitive exam should as per the syllabus followed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the body which prescribes NCERT books in schools. It is quite difficult to clear an entrance exam, as prestigious as AIIMS by only studying NCERT books, because you'll not be able to develop a deep insight and proper understanding of any given topic. It is therefore, advised to study only the relevant topics in reference books in detail for focussed preparation of a competitive exam. A review of the last three years entrance examination papers wi

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Dear aspirant, First of all I would like to appreciate you that you came on right platform for right guidance. As per your question that your goal is to become a doctor. As you know that for becoming a doctor, at least you have to complete [MBBS from good University or Institute][1]. I would like to suggest you that before applying for admission in any Institute or University, you must check whether Institute or University is MCI ( Medical council of India) approved or not, because some private University in India are not MCI approved.   Now I want to make you aware about one th

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Dear Student, Thank for approaching [MeraCarrerGuide.com][1] as you are looking for two medical sciences as well as computer sciences both as a core course which is not possible. [Minimum qualification for medical entrance][2] test is biology -botany -zoology, physics, and chemistry at twelve level with minimum sixty percent, this is the minimum qualification to appear into any medical test like CBSE conducts All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT),Army school of Medical Defence has Armed Force Medical College (AFMC) which is established for defence medical service, Christian Medical College

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Dear Aspirant, Welcome to [meracareerguide][1]We are happy to guide you through to a perfect career.Great to see your positive attitude towards your future. You selected medicine as your career and it is service oriented. Therefore every field related to medicine is basically a service to humanity. You are different from others because you want to serve mankind. I appreciate it and feel proud about you.In my opinion, you should not worry about the specialisation you are going to take in your post graduate level of qualification or studies. Initially you need to complete your graduation. G

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Dear aspirant     Thank you for approaching counsellors at careerguide.   From your question i understand that you want to combine two fields and one is from medical side and one from non-medical side. You desire for an ultimate destination to get a Dr title right? I would like to clarify that a Doctorate and a Doctor is different however completing either of the programs will give you a 'Dr' title. I get to see lots of students being confused between the different 'Dr' titles. For example, if you take a medical stream by studying MBBS/ BDS you will get a Dr title upon completi

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