add chat to website launches a Job Board for Career Counselors to provide a great opportunity for them to land the most desired job.

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There are several job portals out there through which job seekers get the chance to get selected for the job they are seeking. Job seekers from different educational background get to reach out to their dream job through well-known job boards but the process is time-consuming but with this job portal which is specifically designed for career counselors, both job seekers and job hires will have the convenience to connect to each other as soon as possible.


Career Counselors Job has come forth and created a job board which is specially designed for those who aspire to be a career counsellor. This job board offers a wide range of choice for the seekers of career counsellor jobs, as it provides them the choice of work at the location of their choice, job type, and various categories (Academic Counsellor, Admission counsellor, Education Counsellor etc.). Job seekers are given the opportunity to find the most suitable job through this job board which they won’t be able to find anywhere else. is an expert at providing career counseling to school students. It has established itself as the most successful career guidance provider after years of hard work and the determination to assist school students to make the career move in the right direction. The youth of a nation determines the future of it and there are numerous people out there who have wasted their most precious years studying a course which they didn’t even find interesting. puts its best efforts in helping them to make the right decision right from the very beginning.

Career Counselors plays a vital role for, through their assistance has been giving career counseling to students for years to help them choose the best career path; therefore now has created a job portal for Career Counselors only. It is beneficial for both job seekers and job hirers. Any potential job seeker is eligible to apply here and all the companies that are looking for Career Counselors are welcome here.

The application process is quite simple, job seekers don’t need to go through registration process, they can simply apply for the job of their interest by merely filling up a form. Their resume will be directly sent to the relevant profiles. The process is quite flexible for employers as well as they too aren’t required to register, they can post the job they are willing to hire for. This job portal is a place where all the Career Counselors meet their expectation.


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