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Chellam Narendiran says Career Counselling is a responsible profession as you act as an influencer in making one’s career decision

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“A scientific approach to map one’s aptitude, personality traits and interest areas, which assists in choosing the right career is the essence of a successful career counsellor”

Chellam Narendiran

Chellam Narendiran

Chellam Narendiran (Chellam) is the co-founder of Talent School. She started Talent School with an initiative & an objective to bridge the Gap between talented candidates and skill requirements. This initiative offers talent assessment programs – scientific way of identifying one’s TALENT, honing their SKILL to meet industry requirements – Skill development programs, thereby crafting a CAREER of desired choice. She speaks about her career and career counselling in an interview with Amarjeet.

Amarjeet Sharma (AS): Please brief us about your Educational background.

Chellam: I’ve done UG – Microbiology, PG – Management (Mum), PG – Applied Psychology, Ph.D – Pursuing from Bharathiar University, Done Basic diploma course in Counselling and NLP course from Bangalore.

AS: What has your time as a Career Counsellor meant to you personally and why?

Chellam: In my time, counselling was related to getting admission in professional courses.

AS: How did you get into Career Counselling? What interested you into Career Counselling?

Chellam: Being from HR background counselling was part of my job profile in a different name. I enjoyed having discussion with my team and employees for solving issues and finding solutions.  When i received a feedback for my work, was really happy. Realized career counselling is my forte and started exploring it. The results were amazing. Now it’s turned as my passion.

AS: Which tools do you use for guiding careers?

Chellam: Tools – Psychometric Assessment and Client discussion.

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Chellam Narendiran in a Counselling session

AS: Why do you think it’s important for students and parents to undergo Career Counselling together?

Chellam: It’s advisable to take informed decision based on one’s aptitude, skills and interest than making career for other’s happiness and desires.

AS: What are the top 3-5 skills you should have to become an effective Career Counsellor?


  • Effective Listening.
  • Non – Judgemental approach.
  • Comprehending Skills.
  • Ethics
  • Friendly Behaviour.

AS: What is your advice for newbies, who are looking at building a career in Career Counselling industry?

Chellam: Career counselling is a responsible profession as you act as an influencer in making one’s career decision. Would suggest having the following qualities as a career counsellor:

  • Knowledge about education industry
  • Continues learning and research
  • Networking with professionals and attending seminars and workshops
  • Professional ethics and behavior

AS: There are many new career options that have come up over the last decade which was not heard of before, how do you stay updated on the latest trends in Career?

Chellam: Being a HR professional highly connected with the industries, institutes and students. So, get to update with the current trends and happenings. Also, personally I do research for professional excellence.

AS: Which are the Career Information resources (i.e. newsletters/ blogs/ websites/ apps) you visit regularly?

Chellam: Associated with few professional groups in FB, peer group networking, online research articles and few professional site like CareerGuide.

AS: Would you like to share few words/suggestions about the work we are doing at CareerGuide?

Chellam: Of course, have happened to visit the site accidently only. I have liked the inputs, professionalism, simple language and focused approach.

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