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One day counselling session was held at Jaycees Public School, Rudrapur

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Jaycees Public School is one of the most prominent educational institutes in Rudrapur. This was established in 1985 and imparts education till class 12th and has an affiliation from CBSE. The school aims at overall development of a student including academic and personality development with career fields. The school strives to provide all the students a tension free environment for education and a space for growing their inherent talents and skills. The school without any doubt works hard to provide academic excellence to the students and along with this tries to inculcate good moral values in all its students so as to develop them as great future leaders. Students are taught about their responsibilities towards nation, their duties and responsibilities towards needy, purity of thoughts and selfless service to the community. All the students are considered as individuals and they are taught to shine in accordance to their talents and skills. The school aims at bringing out the best in every student and helping them to lead a life full of confidence.

Counselling session for students in their selected career fields

Following the efforts to provide its students an environment of support, the school organised a career counselling session for its students. The aim was to make all its students aware about the opportunities they have in their selected career fields and also to motivate them for their career. The session took place on 13th December, 2016 and was organised by Quality Education Asia. Career guide team was co-organiser of the event and Ms. Surabhi Dewra addressed the students of the school. For the event, 300 students from class XIth participated. The event took place as a group counselling session. In the event, two groups of students participated. One was science stream students and the other was for commerce stream. The sessions were held separately for both the streams.

Counselling session for students in their selected career fields

The session started with a discussion of future scope of respective steams. Students were guided about different career options that they can select in their streams. A deep discussion on opportunities and challenges took place. Further, students were guided about the colleges and universities that provide different courses in their respective fields. The students were guided about different entrance examinations that they are needed to give to take admission in good colleges in their selected career fields. It was given importance that students get to know that they have wide opportunities through science and commerce and they can see future in any of those fields if they have interest in them. Following the session of guidance to the students, they were free t ask questions. Many students cleared their doubts and put across their concerns for the career counsellor which were answered thoroughly.

The students were asked for the feedback after the session was finished. They were all with the positive vibes. Some of the students said that they found the session highly informative considering the fact that they got to know about career fields that they did not even know existed. They also became encouraged to give a stronger thought on what career they want to pursue in future instead of following what others were doing. Many students got an opportunity to clear their doubts about career and get to know what kind of procedure they need to follow to pursue their career. The session was thoroughly enjoyed by students and highly appreciated by teachers.

Counselling session for students in their selected career fields

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