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Career counselling event held in Gita Bal Niketan School of Faridabad

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Gita Bal Niketan School started its journey on 25th September 1976 and since then, has been working to provide quality education to students. Gita Bal Niketan has a clear objective of supporting students in realizing their talents and hence helping them develop themselves so that they can achieve glory in their lives. The school thus holds several scholastic and co. scholastic activities throughout the year that bring out the latent talent among the students. The school is dedicated to imparting value to the students that they can use in their lives and live a better life through acquiring skills and learning how to live. The school has always believed that parents are equal partners in developing their kids to be a greater person and thus involve them at different occasions for their inputs towards the growth of the students. The school has a mission of imparting futuristic holistic education through experienced and highly qualified dedicated staff.

Career counselling event held in Gita Bal Niketan School of Faridabad

Career session is a need of the students in this competitive world- Principal

The school has always been supportive of the students in helping them select the right career. To provide them an expert guidance, the school organized a career counseling session on 29th March 2017 in association with The session was targeted to the students of class 10th since the school is of the view that these students are on the verge of selecting their career and alongside they have the pressure of boards as well. At this time, they need a proper and just guidance from career counselors so that they don’t deviate their path after falling into the traps of peer or parental pressure.

Career counselling event held in Gita Bal Niketan School of Faridabad

Importance of psychometric tests in assessing students’ skills is highly important

The career counseling session was targeted for a day event and was conducted by Ms. SurabhiDewra, founder of The session started with an encouragement session with her where she told students about the importance of making an informed decision for their career. Ms. Surabhi discussed how psychometric tests are helpful in understanding strengths and weaknesses. She also discussed how to use the reports generated from the psychometric test. Following this, the psychometric test was conducted for the students and students were given their reports individually. After this, a one to one session was conducted for the students where they could understand why specific career fields were suggested to them. Also, their individual career queries were solved and they were given a clear direction for their future career.

After the individual session, an open session was conducted for the students where they could ask any career related query from Ms. SurabhiDewra. Career booklets were also distributed among the students. These booklets contain infographic style representation of all the career options available in the country and how the students can go for a particular career. This included a guidance on the career option to be selected during secondary school for specific career fields.

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Such sessions help students make an aware decision of their career

The session was well appreciated by the students and they were of the view that they should regularly get similar sessions so that they can easily make decisions of their career with complete information. Often times, they end up getting confused because of limited awareness and different people giving them different opinions. However, students feel stranded because of lack of courage to make a decision from that information. Having an expert answering all their questions provide them a confidence of their career choice and they progress to it while developing the required skills.


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