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Dear Aspirant, Depends on which course you are planning to do. If you thinking of management courses, then GMAT is recommended. If you are thinking for under graduate courses, then GRE is recommended. Best wishes  

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Dear MAnoj,   It would be helpful if you let me know your subject and place of study to plan your summer internship.   Good luck Preetha Ajit Career Planner

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Hello Dear Aspirant, A warm welcome to career Thanks for visiting us and writing us your career query. After 10th and 12th students are very confused what career they should select.  Students they often hear that a particular career like engineering, Medical etc. are the best career options for them.  But they are not aware about the deferent career opportunities that are there.  Many a time students the select the career option on the advice of their parents, teachers, friends, relatives etc. Sometimes they choose a wrong career options which creates a lot of problem

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Hello Dear Aspirant, A warm welcome to career Thanks for visiting us and writing us your career query. Career in the Civil services is one of the best career consider now a days.  Many of the students they think of making a career in the Civil services now a day.  Students those who love to serve society for them civil service is the best career option.  As you aspire to become an IAS officer you will be needed to give an UPSC exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.  The UPSC exam is conducted every year in India for the various posts like: Indian

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Hi Shabnam What I understand from your question is you want to know the difference between careers that can be pursued after a diploma course and career options that are available after 12th from science stream. Choosing diploma from a certain field like mechanical or fashion designing gives you exposure to that field since first year after tenth standard. However it also limits the choice of graduation course. When a candidate pursues twelfth from science stream, she can choose from a lot of options like Pharmacy, Architecture, graduation from Pure science subjects, Hospitality, allied health

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Choose your career and select the subject

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Dear Aspirant, Thanks for approaching us at [!!!][1] I appreciate your detailed query. [Confusion between science and commerce][2] is very common. If you are inclined towards family or own business, then admission to the commerce field is the most suited. Doing Engineering and then MBA, will be an insult to your engineering, since after MBA, no company will ask for your engineering knowledge practically. However if you do engineering and then MBA Operations, then it is only useful and not other [MBA specialisations like][3] Finance, HR, Marketing, etc. To be best sure of

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Good question, but it is mostly self explanatory.I am sure that you know what actuary science is all about.Actuaries sciences is a combination of mathematical and statistical principles. This helps the companies in reducing risks in investments and reduces the losses of companies.Actuarial uses the methods of statistics, probability, computations and little of analytical skills to help determine the postilion of the finances whereby helps in reducing the risk to the organization.Since the field involves dealing with a lot of finances, the obvious field of study is commerce. But mind you it is

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Dear Student, To put all your career queries to the rest , I recommend you to get your psychometric assessment done. The assessment involves analyzing your aptitude, interest, personality , study habits, work values etc through standardized psychological tests. You have an option to take assessment online on as well. After the assessment , a career plan will be generated which will have information regarding your main interest areas, personality attributes & aptitude . On the basis of your unique aptitude , interest and personality,the team of psychologists & career counselor

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Hi There, As rightly said by the above counselor, for setting up your business, you can choose any stream. Business entails finances, thus Finance knowledge is a must. So commerce is an ideal option. In terms of knowledge about the product, as a businessman you need to have the basic knowledge about the product you deal with. That is possible when you start your own research on the product, meet professionals from the same background and have good communication skills. But prior to all this, the main important question is, " Which Business". As i see above, you have mentioned many business f

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Hello Mansi, Welcome to career Thanks for approaching us and writing us your career query. A very interesting question you are holding with you.Well Mansi it would have been very good if you would have provided a little information about you with regards to the educational qualification and what you would have been doing currently.This would have helped to answer your query correctly. Well assuming that you need an information about both the careers and would be early in selecting a career . If we talk about B.Tech and CA they both are completely different fields.The former belong

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The question above tells me that you have undergone an Aptitude tests, whereby as an option you have been suggested commerce.I am sure that may have been a shock to you.Here I would only suggest that please introspect, why you like science. When in school were you able to understand the concepts thoroughly, were you inquisitive, did you look further into the subject or was happy with what has been taught and most importantly did you practically follow it up with experiments at home or in your area.Also would like to know your score in terms of your logic and abstract thinking. If its high, you

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Dear aspirant Thank you for approaching counsellors at I can understand yours and your family's concern on your future. As myself as a parent i have suggested many career streams for my daughter but from my personal experience, i have seen that she has really evolved well from her career choice only. Moreover she told me clearly why she is choosing the stream and convinced me and her father to accept her decision. Similarly i would like you to sit with your parents and talk to them. Tell them why you like business, what are your future plans and what you want to become in

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Dear aspirants, I would like appreciate you because you are planning your career on very right stage. If you plan your career in right direction on this stage, definately you will get success in your life. As we know hard work play key role in our success but planning is not good, hard work will not be worth. So i would like to suggest you that plan everythin in your life right time for getting success in life.As per your question, you are confused about stream. what to choose? Simple thing I want to share with you that when you are going plan and choose stream or career, you must keep three t

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To pursue a career in science , you are not required to be good in maths. You can  study Physics, Chemistry and Biology till 12th and after completing that you have various career options to consider such as career in microbiology , biochemistry, clinical reseaarch, pharmacy, forestry, genetics, molecular biology , marine biology , forenisc science etc. But whether you should opt for science or not cannot be determined simply  by knowing that you are not good with maths. Please get your psychometric assessment done before taking the most important decsion of your life Psychometr

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