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Gautam joined a vocational skill course because career guidance introduced him to his passion

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Even among today’s generation, it is common that after secondary level education, thy get confused about the course they should pursue. Amidst this confusion, many students opt for the most popular courses such as engineering, medical science, BSc etc. Often students themselves have no idea about what they can select as a career option and take decision based on the guidance provided by teachers, parents and their friends. However, it is often limited to their own experiences and knowledge. This has been a major education challenge that is being faced by many students. Students are unable to select a career as per their talents and skills due to unawareness. Definitely, at such a young age, we can’t expect students to know everything, but it is their right to have complete knowledge of all the appropriate career options which can be suitable for them. This can help them to make a sound decision. Many student have now started taking advantage of expert guidance in order to get knowledge of wide career fields and make a best decision.

I joined a vocational skill course because career guidance introduced Me to My passion

Gautam Sharma

Media Studies, Kota

Gautam’s Career Query

  • After his school, Gautam was interested in few career options. However, he was unsure whether he could make a suitable career through any of these.
  • He was looking for a solution where he could obtain answers for his career questions.
  • In the midst of all this uncertainty, he was introduced to by his uncle, where he sought the right guidance for his career path.

How CareerGuide Helped Him

  • Gautam’s psychometric assessmenthighlightedmedia, entertainment and animation as his career preferences.
  • After his detailed career guidance session with his career guide, Gautam became aware of the possible opportunities and the potential growth that he could acclaim in these skill-based professions.
  • He is currently performing exceptionally well in his practicals and his projects.

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Advice from multiple people confused Gautam about the right career option

A similar story has been shared by one of our student Gautam Sharma. His career quest started after he finished the school. Gautam was interested in few career options but mixed advices confused him more. He was unable to make a decision and was even unsure whether he could make a suitable career out of any suggested. He tried to take suggestions from his teachers and all the acquaintances, but the more he searched, the more confused he got. He realised that he needed an expert opinion and advice for selecting a career. He knew that career decision is one of the most crucial decisions of life and he did not want to take it under any influence. While discussing all his career woes with one of his Uncles, Gautam was introduced to and how it could help him in his career questions.

Psychometric test revealed Gautam’s skills in the field of media, entertainment and animation

Gautam further enquired about and the career counselling process.  Having got the idea, he was convinced that career counselling is one of the scientific methods to help the students in assessing their skills and based upon which they could be guided for the right career path. When he talked to CareerGuide’s team, he was told that the whole process takes place under the supervision of a certified career counsellor which made him more confident of taking help from Gautam was first advised to take a psychometric assessment test which could analyse his strengths and weaknesses. This test is then used to map the right career path for the student. This test highlighted that Gautam was more inclined towards creative fields and could do well in the career options where he needed to use his aptitude as well as creativity. The report then mapped his skills to the career options in media, entertainment and animation.

Career counsellor further helped Gautam to realise his dream and now he is performing exceptionally well in his career

The psychometric test revealed a career option for Gautam which he had not even thought of. However, Gautam was confident that this was the right career field for him and he should have known this well before. The report test was then given to the assigned career counsellor and he provided a 1:1 session to Gautam. He was advised regarding the courses that are available in this field and what universities provided those courses. In addition, Gautam was given complete information about the admission procedure to these colleges and universities and what skills he will require to work upon in order to get admission. After the session, Gautam was aware of all the opportunities that are potentially available in this field and also what kind of challenges he might face ahead of his career journey.

Gautam followed the advice given by career counsellor and and took admission in a course of Bachelors in Media Studies. In addition, he also enrolled into a IIMC’s short vocational and skill course for Commercial Photography and Creative Designing. He is actively taking part in all the college events taking place and is performing exceptionally well in all those. Gautam is much satisfied with the career selection that he made and not only is he performing well but is also enjoying the course.

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