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How to give interview with confidence

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After much searching and researching, you have shortlisted the best suited (best paying, too) job and now comes the time for the much feared and nail-biting experience, yes! the interview.

You are nervous, stressed and worried regarding your performance in the interview, about how the interviewer will be, and of course the outcome. You are sweating and getting all the more tensed as your number comes closer and closer.


How to give interview with confidence

Read on to know how you can appear confident (though you are freaked) and self-assured in front of the interviewer and give the interview like a pro.

1. Breathe in and out

Breathe in and out as you wait for your turn. Take deep breathes and leave them slowly, at least thrice. This will help calm you down and boost confidence in you to do your best at the interview. Studies have proven that taking breaths can boost confidence in people and also, help them relax.

2. Stay positive

Remember, if you have made it so far, listed down from the zillions of candidates and reached the last rung of the employment ladder, you must have the potential that the job requires. Give yourself the pep talk and boost your morale. Know that you deserve to be there where you are at the moment. Thinking and staying positive will make you give your hundred per cent to the interview.

3. Stop the fidgeting

Fidgeting can give away your nervousness and the lack of confidence. Give your body a proper posture and give your interviewer the right body language that makes them believe that you are totally prepared for the job and are completely confident. This will surely make them consider you for the position. In most cases, fidgeting irritates the interviewer and puts them off the candidate.

4. Keep the eye contact

It is essential for you to maintain eye contact throughout the interview to give the impression of being confident. To make it easy, focus on a spot between the eyebrows of the interviewer so that your eyes don’t wander and you are able to focus. Keep in mind not to appear intimidating or come off as creepy while trying to keep the eye contact. You might just lose the job, instead of landing on one.

5. Know where to pause

Most people when nervous tend to ramble and blabber. Keep a check on what you are saying. Reply to what has been asked of you and make sure your answers are clear, direct and unambiguous. Keep your answers to the point and avoid delving into stories regarding the questions asked. Interviewers are not there to hear stories from you. Try to present only one idea at a time.

To come across as confident in front of the interviewer, be natural and original and don’t forget that the interviewer is also human, he or she will understand and forgo any slip ups or mistakes on your part. Don’t try to pretend what you are not.

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Ruchi Gupta is an HR Head for a multinational company and her passion is to read and write. She loves to guide fresher’s on career counselling.



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