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Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – An Inspirational Career Story

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Introduction :

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is the typical success story of Indian Women. Breaking into an unexplored field and creating waves, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw has redefined not just the field of Biotechnology in India; she has also shown that women make brilliant tacticians and stars in the Management Profession.



  • Bachelor’s degree (zoology)fromBangalore University in 1973.Master Brewer, Ballarat Institute of Advanced Education (University of Ballarat) in Australia in 1974.



  • 1982,Gold for Best Woman Entrepreneur, Institute of Marketing Management
  • 1983,Outstanding Contribution Award (AWAKE)
  • 1987,Outstanding Young Person Award by Jaycees
  • 1989,Padma Shri
  • 2003,Australian Alumni High Achiever Award from the IDP Australian Alumni Association
  • 2004,Honorary Doctorate of Science, from Ballarat University
  • 2006,Wharton Infosys Business Transformation Award
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Career :

  • Dr Shaw started out her career as a trainee brewer in Carlton & United Beverages in 1974.
  • She would go onto join Biocon Biochemicals Ltd in Ireland as trainee manager in 1978.
  • She founded Biocon India with a capital of just Rs 10000 in 1978
  • She currently the chairperson & Managing Director of Biocon Ltd.
  • In 2004, She became India’s Richest Woman with an estimated worth of Rs 2100 crore.


Career As a Biotechnologist

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Learn from Failure:

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw gave this advice to entrepreneurs in an interview“…don’t give up. Life and entrepreneurship is about failures but learn from these failures because failing is a big experience. It makes you stronger, makes you gain confidence when you actually overcome… it is very demoralizing and demotivating when you keep failing but if you keep making the same mistakes over and over again then there’s something radically wrong. But by failing and picking yourself up and then succeeding.. .Believe me that failure is a big victory in itself.”


Advice to aspiring Biotechnologists:

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw was quoted giving the following advice for aspiring biotechnologists “Pursue the subject only if it excites you. Not because it’s the ‘in-thing’ or someone they know is pursuing it. Students must dig deeper, figure out what areas within the broad field of biotechnology interests them and focus on those subjects. There’s no use being a generalist it won’t get you anywhere.”

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