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Mr. Jayanta Ghosh Conducted a Career Counselling Session In The Rural Area of Tripura

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Career Counselling Session In The Rural Area of Tripura

Most of us would say that our country India is one and it is well connected. Although it is one from the heart but still many parts of the country are unconnected to the advancements in technology, internet, educational facilities and awareness of opportunities. Many students in the country are still unaware of what career they can opt and for all the information they mainly rely on limited knowledge. There are areas in the country where students opt only for one or two fields only because they have no access to other options or they have never been told that other options also exist. A similar situation is prevailing in many rural areas of Tripura where students take only the arts stream and even in that they have only limited career options to take from. These students, due to lack of knowledge remain within the traditional occupations that their forefathers had taken years back. Not many students are able to get out of the circle and choose the career for themselves.

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Mr Jayanta Ghosh, designated partner at Waymark Learning Solutions LLP Kolkata, realised the shortcomings in choosing the right career in the country and decided to take an action for it. He deciding to provide career counselling to the students of rural areas and started from the state of Tripura. He selected Chandrai Para High School, for his first session. This is a small school located in rural area of Tripura. For the session, he targeted the students of grade 11 which are the most vulnerable in terms of selecting the right career. These students are at the verge of initiation of their career yet have no knowledge what they are going to do for the rest of their lives. With an aim to educate these students about the career options available to them Mr Jayanta provided career counselling to them.

Career Counselling Session In The Rural Area of Tripura

As was traditional in the school, all the students were from arts background and even in that they had no knowledge of career options available to them. Most of the students were supposed to take the family occupation ahead because they had no knowledge of opportunities that were available to them after taking up arts. Also, it was a challenge to seek their attention since the students were no keen on studies and they were mentally prepared to pursue a career which their parents or the society had selected for them. It appeared to Mr Jayanta that these students had already killed their ambitions and were ready to go on the road already travelled.

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However, MrJayanta guided these students regarding the impact of choosing a right career. The students were informed in playful way that could keep their attention as well as inform them correctly. The students were also asked to take psychometric test which was conducted in the same session. The results were quite fascinating to the students and this increased their interest towards understanding the right career choice for them. Individual counselling was then given to the students which increased the awareness among the students and made them understand that all students have different capabilities and career option is based on person talents only rather than that based on the traditions.

Career Counselling Session In The Rural Area of Tripura

The session was an eye opener for the students. The students impacted were then more aware of their career choices and they understood the importance of choosing the right career at the right time. Even after several challenges, the session was successful and raised hopes that similar future sessions will help in building the nation by developing awareness among the youth of the country. Mr Jayanta is now on the journey to bring career counselling in reach to each and every child of the country however, far or remote they are.

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