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Importance of summer jobs and internships in shaping your career

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Done with the college and looking to land a well-paying job and the experience column of your resume is blank; doesn’t look too promising, right? Every company looks for experience, of any kind, while hiring employees. Competition is cut throat and getting tougher by the day. Your close friend in college has also become your competitor today in the job seeking world.

As they say, to get experience you need experience. In order to get a good job, you need to have some kind of experience, either through a summer job, a volunteer work, internship or a fully paid job. This requirement by the companies that the candidates have some kind of experience before they are hired paves way for the importance of summer jobs and internships. An internship over the summer could land you the job or make you lose it due to lack of experience.


jobs and internships

Read further, as we have listed out the importance of taking an internship to shape the future of your career.

1. Experience and exposure

Internship is where you work in the real work environment and face real situations at the same gaining hands on experience. This gives you the opportunity to learn from practical situations and problems that occur in an office set up on day-to-day basis. You gain experience and exposure to the real work scenario.

You might have gathered degrees up on degrees as a student, but during internship you get to see how things actually work and you can convert what knowledge you have gained into practical nuances.

Internship gives young professionals in depth knowledge in their interested field.

2. Get to know more about themselves

When you undertake an internship, you not only grow professionally but you also get to learn more about yourself. You are able to define your career goals more clearly and put a clear picture of your dreams. Internship is less risky, thereby, giving you an opportunity to decide on the best course of action for your career.

Changing jobs if you don’t like what you are doing is not easy; you might get stuck in one of them. Internship is a short term job that gives you a chance to know the actual working of your chosen field and see if you want to pursue it further or you want to change your course.

3. Wider network

Networking is vital for the professional growth of an individual. Meeting business related people can widen your horizon and networking with them will open opportunities for you to grow on your career path. You’d ask “why partake an internship when I can attend a networking event?” Right, but that is limiting your growth. You grow on a daily basis at the same time you can unaccountable experience while in an internship.

Internships make your resume look good. Your resume is what makes the HR of a company consider you for the interview. And experience is what matters the most when they look for the right candidate.

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Ruchi Gupta is a career counsellor and is passionate about counselling the generation next about jobs to opt for and the career to choose.



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