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Sushmita feels that being a law student is the finest decision that she took through career guidance

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There are many students in the country who dream of becoming something in their childhood, however, in the race of competition and marks, forget their dreams. Most of the students take advice from their teachers and parents or follow what their peers are doing. They are mostly advised to take up a field after considering their marks in 10th and 12th grade. It is generally forgotten that overall marks in secondary school cannot decide skills and talents of a student. This is one of the reason that many students in our country run in engineering and medical schools and forget that there are many more fields such as humanities, astronomy, law, judiciary etc. Often, students are not encouraged for these fields because success is not guaranteed. However, if we see the success rates of students, these fields might be giving better results. The students don’t get to know more about these fields since lesser number of students opt for these.

Being a law student is the finest decision that I took through career guidance



Sushmita Chopra

BA LLB Student

Sushmita’s Career Dilemma

  • Sushmita scored distinction in her 12th (PCM) but she was not interested in pursue her graduation in science
  • She wanted to become civil judge though she was not confident and sure about career path she was confused between B.A and Law.
  • As she feels the need of talking to a professional she approached CareerGuide

How CareerGuide Helped Him

  • Her ideal career test facilitates Law and order, Public admin as her favored choices.
  • She became aware about her path towards being civil judge through BA LLB.
  • Sushmita is Pursuing BA LLB from Jiwaji university she is among the top five students. She performed extremely well in her internship at district court.

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Sushmita dreamed of becoming a civil judge and wanted to pursue law and order

Similar confusion was held by Sushmita as well. She was always a bright student. In her secondary examinations, she scored distinction and her teachers advised her to continue studying science in graduation as well. However, she wanted to become a civil judge and wanted to pursue a career through the courses of Law or BA. She was not confident of her choice since she was not completely aware of the future scope and she even did not know whether she would be able to change her field then or not. It was a rather difficult situation for Sushmita, considering the fact that she id not want to continue her studies in a field which she did not like. She wanted to discuss her career woes with someone having knowledge about these courses and fields.’s career experts advised Sushmita to take Ideal Career Test which explored her talent in law and public administration

After online search, she came to know about career counselling. She learned that there were several websites that were providing career counselling, however, she found’s website more convincing. She talked to the office of where she was guided on how she could take benefits from career counselling. She was advised to take an Ideal Career Test which would be able to tell her strengths and weaknesses. These traits of hers would then be used to identify suitable career options for her. Her ideal career test facilitated Law and order and Public administration as her suitable choices for further career. Followed by this, she was given 1:1 career counselling session with an expert who explored that she perfectly fits in the career field of law and order and advised her to follow this career path.

Currently, Sushmita is very happy with her decision and giving a great performance in her University

Career expert then told her how she could continue her studies for being a civil judge through a course of BA LLB. She was given complete information about entrance exams and subjects that she needed to study for the exams. She was given a clear idea of what challenges she could potentially face and how much hard work she would be required to put in to succeed. Apart from that, she was told about the skills that she still needed to develop for being successful in this field. Now, with the right advice and proper encouragement, she is pursuing BA LLB from Jiwaji University. The moment of proud is that she is among the top 5 students in her batch and has been performing really well. She even did her internship at district court which she completed successfully and was praised by her mentors.

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