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Psychometric Career Test 

Ideal Career Test

  • Ideal Career Test is a psychometric test and a scientific way to choose career

  • Understand what career is best suited as per interest & aptitude

  • Psychometric report has been scientifically designed and customised for each one of you

  • Match your interest with real life work required

  • Meticulously designed by panel of psychologists

Take Ideal Career Test For Working Professionals

Professional Skill Index

  • Professional Skill Index report is best tool to showcase during interview

  • High Professional Skill Index, suggests more likely to be successful in chosen job

  • Low Professional Skill Index is reflection of poor life skills like communication skills, Team Work etc.

  • Get personalized report, & know your skill parameter

  • Meticulously designed by panel of psychologists

Take professional Skill Index For Working Professionals

Speak to a Counsellor 

  • Ask a counsellor for career progression

  • Speak to a counsellor on chat,voice,video

  • Understand how to plan for job shift and career shift

  • 1000+ counsellors ready to help  plan your career

  • We connect instantly – anytime, from anywhere

  • First 10 mins free – you dont pay anything

Talk to a Counsellor For Working Professionals

Get Mentoring – Professionals

  • Mentored by a counsellor and discuss in depth

  • View counsellor’s profile, expertise and education

  • Discuss, plan, get mentored and move towards success

  • Plan towards career shift, industry shift and job shift

Search a Counsellor For Working Professionals

Online Courses 

  • We have curated best online courses for professionals

  • Learn and Upgrade yourself with these online courses

  • Ranging from courses for self development to managerial skills

  • Show in resume and get an edge over others

Best Online Courses for working professionals

Pricing For Working Professionals






  • 2 Psychometric Career Report (Professional Skill Index/Ideal Career Test)

  • Face to Face Counselling
  • Analysis of Psychometric Report
  • Career Progression and Planning Discussion
  • Up Skilling and Certification Suggestions