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Career Counselling After 10th (1)

Stream & Career
Counselling for
Class 10th Students

  • Career counselling after 10th service contains Psychometric Stream Selector Test and Video Sessions .  This will help a 10th grade student to think and plan about their career.

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Stream & Career Counselling Service For Class 10th

Career Counselling For Class 10 Students 0

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Stream Selector Test For Class 10th

Career eBook for Class 10th

Learn how to boost your career with our comprehensive guide.


Why Career Counselling For class 10 Students ?


Know about streams after 10th. Compare your interest and aptitude in different streams


Class 10 is good time to get mentored. Discuss and plan your Career in more depth. Don’t let any question be left in your mind


Know about 500+ career options associated with each streams. Discuss and plan your career in more depth

Career Guidance After 10th


Explore New Age Careers required for next few decade. Know about their expected work skills.


Learn about various colleges & institutions in India & abroad, their eligibility and admission criteria


Build profile , resume and new age skills which will make you future ready

Trusted by 10,000+ Class 10th Students

Our Plans

What's Included

Our Most Popular Career Plan
  • 2 Psychometric Career Report
  • 3 Video Session (45 mins each)
  • E-Books on Stream Wise Career Options
  • E-Book on New Age Career Options
  • E-Book on Popular FAQs
  • E-book on Popular Video FAQs
  • List of Top colleges Stream Wise
  • List of Top Entrance Exams Stream Wise

What's Included

Our Best Plan

What's Included

Career Report
Career Counselling After 10th Class

Problem faced by 10th students.

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are part of Career Guide's Community

Get to know our Career counsellors closer and better and start your journey to success and growth with us.

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Become successful After 10th!

Don’t miss any information, Right Stream and your chance to shine out in your Career.


Career counselling after 10th

Right Career &
College Selection

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Become successful After 10th!

Don’t miss any information, Right Stream and your chance to shine out in your Career.



Right Career &
College Selection

Blogs For Class 10th

Top Benefits Of Career Counselling

Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins.The benefits of career counselling are enormous. It introduces and empowers the lives of the students with the right

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More About Career counselling after 10th

Are you ready to go on a courageous, self-discovering, and empowering journey with Careerguide.com?

Stream & Career Clarity Service For Class 10th students can be a valuable tool for helping students navigate the transition from  high school to post-secondary education or the workforce. This service can provide students with guidance and support as they make decisions about their future educational and career paths.
The Career guidance after 10th service typically begins with a comprehensive assessment of the student’s Career counselling after 10th interests, skills, values, and personality. This assessment can be done through a variety of methods such as interviews, aptitude tests, and self-assessments. The information gathered from the assessment is then used to help the student identify potential career paths and educational opportunities that align with their strengths and interests.
Once the student has a general idea of the types of careers and educational programs they may be interested in, career counselling after class 10th can provide additional support in the form of information about specific programs and institutions, as well as assistance with the application process. This can include help with researching and selecting schools, preparing for entrance exams, and completing application materials.
In addition to helping with the practical aspects of the college and career planning process, the stream and career clarity service can also provide students with guidance on how to develop the skills and experiences they need to be successful in their chosen field. This may include information Career Guidance after 10th on internships, volunteer opportunities, and extracurricular activities for Career counselling after 10th that can help students gain valuable experience and build their resumes.
The service also provides guidance to students and parents on the available stream such as Humanities, Science & Commerce and the respective career options. They also provide information on the subjects & skills required for each stream and career options.
It is important to note that the process of selecting a career or educational Career Guidance after 10th program can be complex and often involves a great deal of self-reflection and decision-making. The Career guidance after 10th can provide support and guidance, but ultimately it is the student who must make the final decision about their future path. 

Career guidance after 10th

Career guidance after 10th standard is of utmost importance as it helps students make informed decisions about their future career paths. Here are a few reasons why career guidance is important:

  • Clarity on Career Options: With the plethora of career options available, it can be challenging for students to determine which one is right for them. Career guidance provides students with a clear understanding of the different career options available, allowing them to make informed decisions.
  • Aligns with Interests and Strengths: Career counselling after class 10th helps students understand their interests and strengths, which are crucial factors in determining a suitable career path. By aligning their career choice with their interests and strengths, students can pursue a career that they will enjoy and excel in. Career guidance after 10th.is crucial for students who have completed 10th standard. It provides clarity on career options, aligns with interests and strengths, leads to better academic performance, avoids career mistakes, and promotes career growth.

Stream selector for class 10th

Choosing a stream after 10th standard is a critical decision Career guidance after 10th will shape your future career path. It’s important to make an informed choice based on your interests, strengths, and passions. Here are a few steps you can follow to help you select the right stream:

  1. Assess your interests: Identify the subjects you enjoy studying the most and the ones in which you perform well. This will give you an idea of the stream that aligns with your interests.
  2. Evaluate your strengths: Assess your strengths and determine if you have a natural aptitude for subjects like mathematics, science, or the arts. This will help you identify the stream that will allow you to harness your strengths.
  3. Consider your future goals: Think about the kind of career you’d like to pursue in the future. Career counselling for class 10 students  will help you determine which stream will provide you with the necessary foundation to achieve your career goals.

 Why CareerGuide?

The goal of CareerGuide is to assist students in discovering their interests and direct them toward rewarding career choices. The organization uses cutting-edge approaches to create the students’ career plan. Unfortunately, people in India are consumed by their occupations Career Guidance after 10th rather than choosing them. Through its creative approach, CareerGuide hopes to transform this reality. They are one of the leading career counseling platform. CareerGuide has been offering holistic career solutions to the students and professionals in need and guidance to the concerned parents to take informed decisions for their ward.

Our team has broad industry knowledge as well as key advisers in various domains. Our clients range from  engineer to artists and enterprise sales Professionals to advocates.

  • Being an integral part of the operations and recruitment process for various multinationals we have observed the rising need of proper career mapping.
  • When you hire us, you are hiring a team of professionals who are trained and skilled to deliver, the best suitable solution for you or your child career.

From the initial assessment, in process of planning implementation we guide you in everything on that basis we to career guide apply the most effective solution which is best suited for you, our counselors Career Guidance after 10th make recommendations that fits your requirement.

Career guide informs you about your strength and shortcomings help in knowing yourself well through psychometric And counseling sessions and also assist you in making  decisions in your life. So, go ahead with career guide. When you are choosing us you are choosing a group of experienced counselors and advisors who will help you in every possible way .

We received many awards like BWEducation under40, International Women’s Day Receipient -Tinder,ASU GSV Elite 200, and many more. In addition to other diploma courses, psychometric tests, technological assistance, revenue support, and community support, we offer business support for a year with certifications for lifetime validation. Enroll with us today to boost the expansion of your career counselling business!

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