How To Get A Good Score in 10th Board Exams?

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In 10th class, scoring good marks in board exams is every student’s dream and aim. You can score 90% and above in the 10th class Board exams if you study regularly and are attentive in the class. As the session starts, prepare yourself for the final exams from the very start. A good start will help you in getting good results. Also, remember to spend time on each subject regularly, and here are some points you should keep in mind about each subject while studying to get a good score in the 10th Board exams. You will see about “How to get a good score in 10th board exams” in this blog.


Be attentive to whatever is taught in the class.  NCERT book is the one which you have to study. Consult other books like R.D.Sharma or any other reference book if you like. and take counselling Revise what is taught in the class. Learn different formulas related to each topic and always remember that the more you practice, the more you will be at ease in solving even difficult questions. Trigonometry and theorems are the topics that need more concentration. Revise the whole syllabus at least thrice. Once you complete the whole syllabus, you can solve sample papers and old question papers as well. You can also check 


Study each topic given in the NCERT science book in detail and understand everything you can study from Lakhmeer Singh and Manjeet Kaur. But every topic is discussed in much detail in this book so study only the topics and need career counselling which are related to the NCERT book otherwise, it can be a waste of time and energy. Do practice diagrams in Biology. Diagrams should be neat and well-labeled. Learn the chemical equations in Chemistry properly. In Physics, try to understand different topics and revise them accordingly. Solve sample papers and old papers once you have covered the whole syllabus.

Social Sciences

When we talk about history, we think of different dates and incidents which are related to these dates. But don’t be afraid of these and try to remember these by writing in a separate notebook. For Geography and Civics, understand the concepts clearly from the NCERT books and learn them well. For Economics And Political Science, it’s good to understand and memorize the topics. Solve sample papers and previous year’s papers for practice once the whole syllabus is complete. Do practice maps repeatedly till you get well-versed in that.


Read all the chapters thoroughly and make notes of poems and the explanation of them in a separate notebook. Try to write the summary of each chapter in your own words. Learn the names of poets and writers of the chapters for references all the best for 10th exam. Prepare well for the long answers. Understand the basic concepts of grammar well and do exercises related to them. Do practice comprehension as it is a scoring part. Writing fast is also important to complete the paper on time.

How can I improve my reading comprehension skills?

To improve reading comprehension, practice reading a variety of texts, such as fiction, non-fiction, and articles. Focus on understanding the main idea, supporting details, and the author’s tone. Take notes while reading, summarize the text, and answer questions to test your understanding.

How can I improve my writing skills for essays and compositions?

To improve your writing skills, practice writing essays and compositions on various topics. Focus on structuring your writing with a clear introduction, body paragraphs with supporting details, and a conclusion. Pay attention to grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and coherence. Proofread your work for errors.

How can I expand my vocabulary?

To expand your vocabulary, read extensively and make note of unfamiliar words. Use a dictionary or online resources to learn their meanings and usage. Practice using new words in your writing and conversations. Review and revise your vocabulary regularly to reinforce your learning.

How can I improve my grammar and sentence structure?

Improving grammar and sentence structure requires practice and understanding of grammar rules. Study grammar guides or textbooks to learn the rules. Practice using correct grammar in your writing. Pay attention to sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, tenses, and punctuation. Seek feedback from your teacher or use grammar-checking tools to identify and correct errors.

How can I improve my speaking skills in English?

 To improve your speaking skills, practice speaking in English as often as possible. Engage in conversations with friends or classmates in English all the best for 10th exam. Join English-speaking clubs or participate in debate or public speaking activities. Listen to native English speakers, mimic their pronunciation, and practice speaking aloud.


Study the NCERT textbooks properly. Understand the basic concepts of Hindi grammar and practice the exercises related to each chapter all the best for 10th exam. You can study a Hindi newspaper to improve your reading speed in Hindi. Solve sample papers and previous year’s papers as they are very helpful.

General Things To Keep In Mind

These are the all points you should remember while studying each subject. In general, you can work on weaker areas or the topics which you find tough by giving more time to the topics you don’t understand. Take the help of your teachers if you don’t understand anything. and give your best and all the best for 10th exam Self-study, being attentive and regular in the class can take you a long way not only in preparing for the exams but also in your life. Stay away from social media and your smartphone for some time. Try to revise the full syllabus for all subjects two or three times before the final examination and need career counselling. all the best for 10th exam Solving the previous year’s papers within the time limit is important as it will help in preparing for the final exams and is also important to get a higher score. 

Always remember to work hard and be focused on the subject you study. Time Management is also important. Indulge yourself in some outdoor activities to remain stress-free. Get proper sleep the day before the final exam. Revise important notes and questions in the morning before the exam. It is good to keep your books and notebooks at home. When the final exams start, reach the examination hall at least half an hour before time. Read the paper thoroughly once and then again. Attempt those questions first which you know you will be able to answer well. 


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