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When it comes to clothes, we all wish them to be a designer! With the fashion industry at such an outrage, a career as a fashion designer becomes the top-most choice. Fashion designing has become a much-desired option among youngsters today and the driving factor behind this is:

  1. Fashion Designers are in demand
  2. Multiple career options to choose from under this category
  3. One of the best options for those who possess creativity and a knack for clothes and garments
  4. Most students have the notion that this field might be comparatively easier as there is a greater demand for practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge, which however is a half-truth as one has to have a deep understanding and knowledge of the know-how of fashion.

Some of the most prominent career options under Fashion Designing include: 

  1. Fashion Designer
  2. Assistant Fashion Designer
  3. Pattern-maker
  4. Merchandiser

Some of the tasks of a fashion designer include:

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  • Creating innovative designs
  • Selection of fabrics
  • Deciding upon colours for their creation
  • Compiling a complete collection.

Some of the tasks of an assistant designer include:


  • After completing his/her course as a fashion designer, a student is first appointed as an assistant designer.
  • They assist their senior designer through every step of product creation and design – be it sketches, cutting, managing the production team, completion, finishing and even packaging.

Some of the tasks of a pattern-maker include:

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  • Whenever a design is to be created, before is the production process is initiated, the patterns for the product are created.
  • The job of a pattern maker entails major responsibilities because the patterns have to be accurate and perfect. Even a single mistake in the pattern can ruin the entire outfit.

The finished product is sent to make available to the customers through a merchandiser, who are found in big companies and fashion houses. The tasks of a merchandiser include:

  • The looks for the season
  • The type of collection to be housed.
  • The types of designs to be made.
  • The type of market to be targeted.
  • The merchandiser instructs the designer team on what to work on and sets the guidelines.

Merchandisers are of two categories:

Topic For Fashion Designer career

  1. Retail Merchandisers: They are mainly found in big stores, for example, a multi-designer store. They crack deals with the designers and brings their collections to the stores. He decides at what time and period, the collection of a particular designer are to be kept at the store.
  1. Visual Merchandisers: They take care of the visual appeal of the garment and the store, mainly that of the brand. Marketing and advertising require a greater focus these days. The brand products for which marketing and advertising strategies are to be formulated, the looks for the ad campaigns – are all taken care of by the visual merchandiser.

Small stores don’t necessarily have merchandisers. They have store managers who play the collective role of a visual and retail merchandiser. They take care of:

  • sales
  • client’s needs
  • how to make clients feel comfortable
  • if every product in the store is in proper order and display
  • if the orders of the clients are being delivered on time.
  • if the products are reaching the store on time
  • the sales staff

Some other related-career options in fashion

Fashion Designer career

One can also move on to related branches of fashion-designing like:

  1. Fashion Photography: Everything these days has gone online. To display and sell a product online, one needs to have good photographs of the product.
  1. Fashion Blogger: If one has a flair for writing, one can always opt to be a fashion blogger. Again, because of the online trend, before people buy anything these days, they first go and check the online reviews for the products. So bloggers play an essential role in influencing customer choice. Bloggers can also write for fashion magazines and for that they have to have a thorough knowledge of fashion.
  1. Fashion stylist: With the number of celebrities and stars coming up, stylists are much in demand. Almost every celebrity has his/her own stylists, who have their tie-ups with different designers who together compile a celebrity-look.

Pro tip: After completing your course, the most important thing is to go for an internship for at least 3-6 months. An internship entails all sorts of odd-jobs, from folding clothes to maintaining files, form stitching to hemming, and tending to every whim of your superiors. However, it prepares you and gives you a first-hand view into your chosen career and also gives you clarity as to where your interest lies. It also gives you ample practical experience and prepares you for almost every challenge in the field. 

Some of the renowned institutes for fashion-design in India include:

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So this is the end of the post Career Counselling for Fashion Designer as a Career. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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