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In todays world, getting a stable platform life and proceeding successfully in the path that we desire while making it a career for ourselves has become a complicated step because of the immense competition and chaos. There are so many competitors and each and every field is so crowded that it becomes really difficult to choose the correct path and stand out successfully amidst the crowd and chaos.

But the essential first step for that is to choose the perfect field which we can choose for our future and really give it our all to create the foundation of our lives and future career options, its important to know the direction we decide to go to. We analyze that on the basis of our interests and skills, but one mistake or misguidance can damage all our chances towards a bright future. In today’s world we cannot really afford to get interrupted or make a mistake while running for our careers.

There are so many candidates and in such a hurry that even if we make a small mistake everything comes to a small halt, we would be overtaken by another candidate. Therefore unfortunate or hectic it sounds; we do have to start planning or exploring our paths for the future or at least plan about it from a really early age so that our career path is not just a pressure we take up but also your field of interest and passion.

The decision making therefore needs plenty time, consideration and evaluation. But what if we can get the help of experts who have the instant and quite scientific solutions to our problems of confusion or fears of mini assessments. Career guidance or career counselling is the process to do so. We may need a guidance or a helping hand for helping us plan our force of action or the plan which we will consider in life while selecting our point of interest. 

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In case we find it difficult to reach a conclusion about the selection of appropriate career options, career counseling is the one for us. Perfect psychometric tests and evaluation will help us understand our skills and point of interests and therefore make it easier to proceed with a particular direction in life. Let’s take an example to understand how important career guidance and counselling is, in todays world.

A student who is naturally talented in literature and language gets really confused about the career path that he wants to decide and for many reasons or societal pressure ends up taking up the medical field. This will not only brig down the quality of the medical field, this will bring down the level of possible achievement of the student and also keep the field of literature form being awarded with a naturally talented student.

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Therefore it really becomes necessary to get the correct decision by any means. Nowadays there are so many options available that it can also cause a negative effect on the students. They can get confused by the similarity in names or the confusing career processes. They can be unaware of the up-to-date opportunities. For example there is a common notion that archaeology is just related to history and therefore a student can only major in history not knowing that he requires other subjects too. The different kinds of engineering can be a bit confusing too. Above all, your skills are science, commerce or arts oriented is the first question to be asked.

Many students are not aware of the proper time or process of admission of the colleges they want to attend, and ca end up missing the admission dates for the lack of awareness or misguiding information. The sites of most of the colleges and academies are decorated and clearly talks about the achievements of the college therefore it becomes very complicated to evaluate and choose the most appropriate one. Therefore an expert guidance is required to solve this issue and get what’s best for you and not just doing what others suggest or what others have done. A clear, impactful and future oriented decision is what a career guidance or counseling can provide you with.

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By: Srija Dutta

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