Scope Of Counselling In India

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Scope of counselling in India Today, career counsellors have a more important role than ever before. Freshers and students prefer consulting a counselor rather than depending on the advice of their parents. Though there are thousands of career options available, finding the right career without any support and guidance it is like climbing  Mt.Everest without a plan.
As a result, more and more individuals are seeking the help of career counsellors to make the right decision. Scope of counselling in india Career coaches help define the qualities and skills of the students and working professionals based on which they help them pick a career. Here are some specifics to help you understand the nature of this career and the scope of career counselling in India.

Present Demographics In India

According to a survey, the people in the age group of 15-64 make up 67 percent of the Indian population. Scope of counselling in India This means that when a person starts his/ her college or university or is about to begin their professional career, more and more individuals need guidance to select the best career option.

Dearth Of Vocational Career Consellors

To close the gap between demand and supply, India reportedly needs at least 1.4 million career counsellors. There will be a persistent demand for counsellors in the coming years.

Increasing Need

Approximately Rs 5000 crores, is the reported estimated size of the need for job reviews and guidance needed to be done. Scope of counselling in india There is not only a big difference in the number of experts needed but also in the business demand that is still unexplored.

Dynamic Advancement In Technology

With new technical and social innovations every day, this is the best profession to pursue. Scope of counselling in India People will still seek the advice of a well-trained career counsellor. Career advisors are well-read and understand the industry dynamics, so their insight is valuable when selecting a career path.

People may replace humans with machines for different tasks other than advice. No machine can guide you for the future in a personalized way that a human can.

This makes it better for counselors to never have insecurity and feel free to choose it as an efficient career for life.

Large Job Opportunities

Scope of counselling in india This is a step toward starting to work as a professional. Anyone with the right qualification can pursue Career Counselling in India, whether in the field of Psychology Science or Arts. Even if you are employed as a counsellor, you can opt to learn more or take up an online counselling course.

Requires Low Investment

With the right certification, credentials, and a leading career counselling program, almost every person can work as a career counsellor from any part of the country.

How Can You Become A Career Counsellor In India?

Step 1: Get An Undergraduate Degree

Scope of counselling in india This is a step toward starting to work as a professional. Anyone with the right qualification can pursue Career Counselling in India, whether in the field of Psychology Science or Arts. Even if you are employed as a counsellor, you can opt to learn more or take up an online counselling course.

Step 2: Comprehensive Studies

Are you naturally curious as a person? If yes, then this quality will help you understand your clients better. Your curious nature will also lead you to discover opportunities to succeed in life as a professional. Always take up any opportunity that comes your way and never stop exploring the options available to you.

Step 3: Upgrade Your Knowledge And Certification

Here we are at the 3rd and last step. You need to have a strong foundation to be a successful career counsellor in India. For those who have a degree in B.A/M.A. Psychology may find it easier to start working as a licensed counsellor, but becoming a career counsellor also needs some upgrade their skills and knowledge from time to time. scope of counselling in India Individuals with a non-teaching and non-psychology background can also become career counsellors with the right certification.

So, anyone can become a career counselor if you have an aptitude and interest for counseling

Career Counselor’s Earning Prospects

Doing your own homework and figuring out how much a career counsellor earns in India and abroad is paramount. A Career Counsellor’s annual pay depends on various factors, such as experience, quality of qualifications, and the city/country in which he or she works.

The standard wage for a Career Counsellor in India starts from INR 20K and above per month in a school or business organization, according to an ongoing survey by an early career counsellor with 1-3 years of experience earns roughly around INR 25K to INR 50K per month. A career counsellor with 3-5 years of experience earns around INR 60K to INR 1Lac per month. And if a psychologist is an entrepreneur with his/her own set-up or clinic, then, based on the level of experience and facilities provided, the pay starts from INR 1500 per session and goes up to INR 5000 and above.


A great counselor should be a great observer as well as a listener, who would suggest you to make a decision by yourself and not what he tells you to do. If the person receiving the counseling doesn’t feel that the counselor is accomplishing what he/she is looking for, then they could discontinue the service immediately. Also, to decide who best career counselor is, might be a never ending task to decide so you need to look for certain aspects and compare accordingly.

A career counselor associated to a company which has better reliability of tests and assessments and is known for employing the most comprehensive scientific tools available such as machine learning, artificial intelligence etc.

But when it comes to career counseling , scientific tests can’t do the job alone as the data produced by such tests need experts to interpret them. And by experts we mean , professionals with experience of 6-10 years in various fields such as science, sports, arts, commerce, medicine etc.

A career counselor who is available both online and offline is the one people always prefer. So the criterion of availability highly affects a profile.

In past, certified career counsellors of CareerGuide have earned anything between Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 10,00,000 annually. Learn how can you do so !!

Ways To Earn With CareerGuide An informed workforce is shaped by making informed career decisions. This can happen through career counsellors who are Local Heroes and can Guide individuals with help of better tools & technology

Q. What is the role of a career counselor?

A. Career counselor helps individuals explore career options, assess their skills and interests, set career goals, and make informed decisions about their educational and professional paths. They provide guidance, support, and resources to help individuals navigate their career development journey.

Q. What qualifications or credentials should a good career counselor have?

A. A good career counselor typically has a relevant educational background in counseling, psychology, or a related field. They may hold certifications or licenses in career counseling or counseling psychology. Additionally, professional experience in career counseling and ongoing professional development are valuable.

One On One Counselling

You can earn between Rs. 150-Rs. 1000 per counselling on chat, phone & video. Each counselling session is rated.

Project & Assignment

We give paid short term & long term projects with clients & schools which can range from Rs. 3,000 – Rs. 30,000

Live Videos

You can earn between Rs. 250 – Rs. 1000 per video live session. we give you enough live to keep you busy :)


Admission Referral

We give referrals for student’s admission to best-fit universities. This can range between Rs. 10,000-Rs. 50,000/referral
Testimonials Of Certified Counsellor
The video will give an idea about how all 12 assessments can be integrated on your personal website with your branding. You can also see in the video how you will have your own dashboard to track activity and assessment reports.

Other Modes Of Earning With Careerguide Community Biz Networking The community of certified career counsellor of CareerGuide supports, collaborates, and give business to each other. This results in shared revenue, projects & profits. We give assessments to certified counsellors at Rs 500 which they can sell at a price up to Rs. 2000. A certified counsellor can take home Rs. 1500/assessment.

The article defines the scope of counselling in India and different aspects of career counseling. Visit for more such articles. Happy learning.

Become a Master with CareerGuide

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FAQS About Scope OF Counselling In India

Q. What is the salary range for counselors in India?

A. The salary range for counselors in India can vary depending on factors such as qualifications, experience, specialization, and work setting. Entry-level counselors may start with salaries ranging from INR 2 to 4 lakhs per annum, and experienced professionals or those in senior positions can earn significantly higher.

Q. Is there a demand for specialized counselors in India?

A. Yes, there is a growing demand for specialized counselors in India. Areas such as career counseling, marriage and family counseling, addiction counseling, trauma counseling, and child counseling are witnessing increased demand. Specialized counselors often have opportunities for higher remuneration and specific niche roles.

Q. Are there licensing or certification requirements for counselors in India?

A. Currently, there is no mandatory licensing requirement for counselors in India. However, certain specialized fields such as clinical psychology may have specific licensing requirements. Professional certifications from recognized counseling organizations can enhance credibility and employability.

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