Top 10 Finance Career Opportunities

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If you like to crunch numbers and also have an interest in financial markets, stocks, bonds, and other investment tools, then a career in Finance is worth considering. Finance majors assess the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of business problems and examine the financial implementations of corporate and individual actions. They can also develop analytical skills in order to inspect financial statements and sum up the financial standing of companies, municipalities, and other entities. Read on to find about the top 10 finance career opportunities for graduates with a degree in finance. 

Here are some options to choose from as you explore career opportunities in finance.

Financial Planner 

Finance graduates learn about a variety of investment tools in their career. The knowledge of finance helps them to give suggestions to their clients about how to handle their finances. They can also figure out trends in the stock markets and implement this concept in their planning modules. Financial planners should crunch numbers and implement the principles of accounting so as to be able to make plans suitable for individual investors. They also have to build trust in people and promote their services. Thus, finance majors with good interpersonal skills and analytical skills are most likely to fit in this profession.

Financial Analyst 

Finance Career

Financial analysts as a part of their career assist bankers, investors, and corporate finance officers by researching stocks, companies, bonds, and industries. They can take advantage of their finance major training as they extract financial statements and other financial data. They also make financial models and perform complex quantitative analyses. Moreover, they produce reports of their findings as well as present their analyses to other members of the banking team. 

Investor Relations Associate 

The finance expertise with strong communication, organizational, and writing skills are perfect for this role/career field. Investor Relations Associates prepare and represent financial information about their corporate or company clients to investors, business media, and analysts. They should interpret and present information from financial statements to the investors. 

Budget Analyst 

Finance Career

Budget Analyst is the one who applies principles of finance to projects and proposals in the educational, business, governmental, and not-for-profit sectors. They examine budgets and depict the financial effect of continuing and new ventures as a part of their career. Budget Analysts should have good communication skills as they interview managers in order to obtain information for proposals. They also give training to staff regarding the budget development processes for their companies. Moreover, finance graduates must have the essential analytical skills to become a successful budget analyst.   


Another career opportunity in finance is to become an Actuary. Actuaries present their suggestions to managers in their office. As similar to finance expertise, actuaries operate software to perform calculations and depict their findings. Actuaries have a leadership role in financially oriented industries like banking, accounting firms, rating agencies, and insurance. Those who have done their graduation in finance and possess strong mathematical skills are highly suitable for this job profile.   


Finance graduates learn to build, explain, and analyze financial statements while finishing the accounting part of their studies and moving on to their career. Therefore, they become able to carry out complex accounting work in financially oriented companies. They have a number of accountancy skills as they learn to examine business problems with accuracy and attention to detail, which prepares them for accounting.

Credit Analyst 

These are the ones who examine the financial standing of loan prospects and determine the risks related to offering them financing. The finance expertise learns to assess the financial viability of entities in their career and depict their financial records and data. The investigative mindset of a finance graduate would allow the credit analyst to inspect the legitimacy of financial information provided by clients. They also hone the communication skills to extract information from clients and convey their analyses to colleagues.


This career option is the most suitable for those who practice law in many areas, such as divorce, civil litigation, corporate, product liability, labor, and securities law. Those who practice law in these areas are benefitting from the knowledge of finance. Basically, Attorneys are those who investigate financial irregularities and understand financial statements. Finance majors with research and analytical skills allow attorneys to prepare their cases. Also, presentation skills assist attorneys to provide arguments.

Commercial Real Estate Agent 

There is another career option comes for finance graduates, to be a Commercial Real Estate Agent. The finance expertise with strong communication skills and a sales orientation is a perfect match for this profession. Commercial Real Estate Agents examine the business plans and financial status of clients in order to suggest appropriate spaces for their offices.

Business Teacher 

Finance Career

Graduates in finance have the communication and presentation skills that are required for the teaching profession/career. Business teachers have a broad knowledge of business as they teach high school students about the basics of accounting, marketing, management, and investments. Finance majors with a keen interest in the business world are well suited for this job role.

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