Why Engineering aspirants need career counselling

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Engineering or Bachelor of Technology (BTech) is a professional degree of duration of 4 years. In India, engineering has been widely opted degree and it is very popular choice for the students who opts PCM in class 12. India has more than 6000 Engineering and Technology Institutes in which nearly 2.9 million students are enrolled. Every year on an average 1.5 million students get their engineering degree. Here is an article on why engineering aspirants needs career counselling.

The figures are really huge and one need to stand out having something different and more appealing from these many engineers to succeed. Now, a successful engineering degree takes into account of many factors like right college, right internships, analytical and technical skills i.e., selection of right domain, etc. This article will highlight how career counselling can be really helpful to the aspiring engineers to be rightly successful.

Selection Of The Right Branch

Choosing engineering is still easy choosing the domain is really confusing and could easily blow your mind. For instance, if you are computer science, you still be interested in specifically coding is not justified, therefore, confusion is intensified. In this confusing time, career counselling could certainly do you better. A career counsellor will suggest you to opt for a psychometric assessment which is exclusively made for selection of engineering branches, known as “Engineering Branch Selector Test”. The Engineering Branch Selector psychometric assessment is based on interest and capability base segmentation to find the potential and area of interest of an individual. Engineering Branch Selector tests the four fundamental aptitude ability required by every engineer viz. Mechanical, Spatial, Closure, and Logical abilities to map out the interest of the individual. 

Competitive Exams

Admission for Engineering or BTech is usually given on the basis of certain competitive exams, either at national level or at state level. Apart from these, there are certain entrance exams that are specially conducted by the colleges. As the number of exams is more, students usually remain confused. Almost everybody aims for Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) in India to get into reputed IITs and NITs. But, the seats in these are limited and hence there should be always a backup, therefore one should must know about other options as well. A career counselling session will give you all the knowledge that you required to apply and crack these exams as information provided in internet is vast and somewhat lagging true information. Therefore, to play safe, a career counselling session is always suggested.

What are the common types of competitive exams?

Common types of competitive exams include entrance exams for admissions to educational institutions (e.g., JEE, NEET), recruitment exams for government jobs (e.g., UPSC Civil Services Exam), and qualifying exams for professional certifications (e.g., Chartered Accountancy).

How early should I start preparing for competitive exams?

The ideal time to start preparing for competitive exams may vary depending on the exam and individual circumstances. Generally, it is recommended to start early, preferably a year or more in advance, to allow sufficient time for comprehensive preparation and practice.

Avoid Peer Pressure

Peers play an important role in almost everybody’s life but the impact is definitely more when it comes to the school students. Students tend to either choose their branch or their college as per their friends do and end up sheer regret. To avoid all these and to know yourself better, a certified career counsellor is suggested. A career counselling will help you to know the importance of the right selection and also will help you in knowing your area of interest. Not everybody is made for software engineering and thus choosing it under any kind of pressure is nothing but spoiling your own future. Therefore, a career counsellor will be able to tell you your strengths and weaknesses and based on that which branch will be suitable for you will be conveyed to you.

Engineering Branch Selector Test

The Engineering Branch Selector Test is a specialized assessment tool designed to assist individuals in exploring and identifying suitable branches or disciplines within the field of engineering. This test aims to evaluate an individual’s interests, skills, values, and personality traits specifically related to the various branches of engineering, providing valuable insights into potential career paths within this diverse and rapidly evolving field.

The test begins by assessing an individual’s interests in different areas of engineering, such as mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, computer, or aerospace engineering. It explores their preferences for working with machines, structures, electronics, software, or specific applications. This assessment assists individuals in narrowing down their interests within engineering and identifying potential branches that align with their passion.

In addition to interests, the test evaluates an individual’s skills and aptitudes relevant to engineering. It examines their abilities in problem-solving, mathematical analysis, technical knowledge, design thinking, programming, or laboratory work. By understanding their skills within engineering, individuals can explore branches that allow them to leverage their strengths and contribute meaningfully to their chosen field.

Selection Of Colleges Or Universities

Even though everyone aims for the IITs and NITs, but unfortunately not everyone gets into them, therefore leaving others in despair but there are many private colleges and other government colleges that can be a potential alternative to these IITs and NITs which students usually underestimate. A career counselling could help you a lot while selecting your college or university based on certain factors like the branch for which a particular college is famous, the fee structure, the city where it is situated, placement opportunities, etc. Students usually lack research on these factors about colleges or certain results on internet gives biased results which further confuse to mislead them. Therefore, a career counsellor is a better option at any given time and one should understand that not even all IITs are all branches. Know More Details On MBA COLLEGE ADMISSION AND GUIDANCE SERVICE.

5 Years From Now

This is the quintessential factor that everybody is worried about that what and how the job market will move, will it move as per their branch? Will they be employed or not? etc., The answers to these questions cannot be found even on internet and specially post the coronavirus pandemic, one could have definitely understood the level of uncertainty in our lives. To be very sure and to secure a successful job post completion of the degree, knowing the facts about your degree is important. A career counsellors with his knowledge and experience could certainly help you out in answering your apprehensive questions and would surely be able to cheer you up to the fullest.


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FAQs About Career Counselling For Engineering Aspirants

What is career counseling for engineering aspirants?

Career counseling for engineering aspirants is a process of providing guidance and support to individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in engineering. It involves assessing their skills, interests, and goals, and providing information about various engineering disciplines, educational pathways, job prospects, and the skills required to succeed in the field. Career counselors help aspiring engineers make informed decisions and develop strategies to achieve their career objectives.

Why is career counseling important for engineering aspirants?

Career counseling is important for engineering aspirants for several reasons. It helps them gain clarity about their career goals and make informed decisions about their educational choices. Career counselors can provide valuable insights into different engineering disciplines, their requirements, and potential career paths. They can also assist in identifying and developing the necessary skills and competencies for success in the engineering field. Overall, career counseling plays a vital role in maximizing the chances of achieving a fulfilling and successful engineering career.

When is the right time to seek career counseling as an engineering aspirant?

The right time to seek career counseling as an engineering aspirant can vary depending on individual circumstances. However, some common stages

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