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JOB HUNT TOOL KIT & Placement Readiness

Job Hunt Tool Kit & Placement Readiness

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Job Hunt Tool Kit Placement Readiness 1

JOB HUNT TOOL KIT & Placement Readiness

This Job Hunt Tool Kit Helps Students In Getting Better Job Placement 


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Skill Level

5+ hours







CareerGuide’s ‘ Job Hunt tool Kit &Placement Readyness Certification Course for College Student & Graduates’ is a 5+ hours, self-paced online professional certification course that helps in getting better jobs for college students with lifetime access. This job placement services will help provide you with curriculum with the help of different Case Studies, Scenarios, FAQs & Quizzes. The program has everything to make you an effective professional

How this course helps you

This course includes

Learning Path

1. Job Hunts and Placement Readiness

  1. Job Hunt tool kit – What it should have
  1. 10 things to do immediately if you lost your job
  2. Reference Check – How to Deal with It ?
  3. Have a Mentor – Important Tool for Job Hunt and Career Change
  4. Work From Home by Aditya Sisodia
  5. 10 things to do if you are joining a new job
  1. Interview Skills – for College Students
  2. Face to face Interview Tips by Piyush Mahajan
  3. Top Interview Questions – By Piyush Mahajan
  4. Video Interview Tips by Piyush Mahajan
  5. Top 10 Questions asked in Job Interviews
  6. 7 Commonly Asked Interview Questions
  1. Introduction to Resume for Professionals By Piyush Mahajan
  2. Resume for College Students
  3. Resume Templates Demo by Piyush Mahajan
  4. Resume Tips : Useful Resume Tips – Resume Head Examples
  5. Resume Tips : Resume Writing Tips (7 Tips)
  1. Video CV – Introduction
  2. Video Resume Fundamentals
  3. Video Resume Editing tools Canva
  4. Shop for Video Resume Devices Needed to Shoot.

1. 10 things to do if you are joining a new job

1. Reference Check – How to Deal with It ?

1. How to ask for a Promotion

  1. Don’t be fearful when speaking to mentors
  1. How to resign in an Effective manner
  1. Job Hunt Checklist – Freshers 

Quiz – Job Hunt tool kit

What people are saying

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Instructors of Job Hunt Tool kit & Placement Readiness

Aditya Sisodia

Top Education Based Content  Creator, Business Mentor,  Keynote speaker

Aditya Sisodia

An Executive Career Life Coach, Business Mentor, Corporate Trainer, Online Behavioral Facilitator, a Keynote Speaker, an Author and beyond, Aditya Sisodia is the Career Change Makers Award 2021 Top Education Based Material & Content Creator award winner.

An MBA degree-holder, Aditya Sisodia is known globally for realizing and helping students and job seekers recognize their potential, progress towards achievements and a successful long-term career.

He is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and trained in various other skills from national and international institutes – Train the Trainer (TTT) from Dale Carnegie (India)Learning & Development Manager from Carlton Advanced Management Institute (USA)Strategic Innovation in Organizations from Vanderbilt University (USA)Telephone Skills from Royal Central School of Speech & Drama (United Kingdom) are a few of his many certifications.

Dilpreeth Sherwal

Career Counselor, International Admissions Advisor

Career Counseling and Guidance for International University Admissions.

I help the high students to make decision on selection of best stream and career fit for them and help them achieve admission in their choice of university.

I provide guidance to students for admissions to graduate programs in international Universities. I have spent many years studying and working in States and have an excellent understanding on US, UK and Canadian education system and university admissions.

Dr.Vidhya Thakkar

Certified Career Counsellor and Teacher trainer

Vidhya Thakkar
Dr.Vidhya Thakkar have always connected effectively with students for the last 2 decades teaching various management subjects. In an attempt to be able to effectively guide students towards choosing careers based on their personality and interest,  She completed doctorate in career Psychology.

Training has always been her strength so, She never missed an opportunity to be a facilitator for various soft skills programmes specially in schools. Involving herself for the development of society in whatever way possible motivates her immensely.

Surabhi Dewra

Founder of CareerGuide, Entrepreneur

Surabhi Dewra

Surabhi Dewra is one of the leading Indian women entrepreneurs. She has been featured amongst the top 25 powerful women in India and has received a lot of other awards including the recent ‘50 Fabulous Global Edutech Leader’ award & 40 Under 40 Education Leader award by Business World .

Surabhi makes regular appearances on national and international TV and Print media to discuss Career, Education, Women in Leadership and Economy related topics. She is on the panel of various Government of India Ministry bodies to setup policy framework around Career Guidance and Counselling in the country.

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More About JOB HUNT TOOL KIT & job Placement Readiness

Are you ready to go on a courageous, self-discovering, and empowering journey with Careerguide.com?

Job hunting can be a daunting task, especially in today’s highly competitive job market. To make the process easier and more effective, job seekers need to equip themselves with the right tools and skills. Two essential resources for job seekers are the Job Hunt Tool Kit & Placement Readiness Course. In this job placement services, we will discuss the importance of these resources and how they can help jobs seekers land their dream jobs for college students.

Job Hunt Tool Kit

The Job Hunt Tool Kit & Placement Readiness is a Job placement services which is collection of resources and tools that can help job seekers streamline their job Job placement process. The kit typically includes tools like a resume builder, cover letter templates, interview preparation guides, job search engines, and networking resources. By using these resources, job seekers can create a polished and professional job application package that will catch the attention of hiring managers.

One of the key benefits is that it saves job seekers time and effort so it becomes for easy to finding jobs for college students. Instead of spending hours researching job search strategies and tools, job seekers can rely on the job placement services Kit’s pre-selected and curated resources. This allows job seekers to focus their time and energy on applying for jobs, networking, and preparing for interviews.

It helps job seekers stand out from the competition. By using the resources in the job placement services Tool Kit,  students can create a professional and compelling job application package that showcases their skills and experience so that it will be easy in getting better jobs for college students . This can help them stand out in a crowded job market and increase their chances of getting noticed by hiring managers.

Placement Readiness Course

The job placement services training program is designed to prepare jobs for college students for the job search process. The course typically covers topics like resume writing, cover letter writing, interview preparation, and networking strategies. The course is designed to help job seekers develop the skills they need to succeed in the Job placement services.

This Course helps job seekers identify and address their weaknesses. For example, if a job seeker struggles with writing resumes or cover letters, the course can provide them with the tools and resources they need to improve these skills. Similarly, if job seeker struggles with networking or interviewing, the course can help them develop strategies to overcome these challenges.

Job Hunt Tool Kit & Placement Readiness Course is that it helps job seekers develop a professional and polished job application package. By providing job seekers with training and guidance on resume writing, cover letter writing, and interview preparation, the course can help job seekers create a job application package that stands out from the competition. This can be especially important in industries that are highly competitive or have a high demand for skilled workers.

Why CareerGuide?

Top job counseling platform, CareerGuide, provides several services for class 11 and 12 students. In addition to providing students, professionals, and parents with the information they need to make wise decisions for their children, CareerGuide has been providing comprehensive career solutions to those in need.

Our team has an extensive understanding of the industry and access to leading experts in numerous fields. From engineers to artists, business sales professionals to advocates, we serve as clients.

  • As an essential component of the operations and hiring procedures for numerous international corporations, we have seen the growing importance of accurate career mapping.
  • When you work with us, you are working with a team of experts who are qualified to provide the finest career solution for you or your child.

From the initial assessment to the planning and implementation stages, we provide you with guidance in every step. On the basis of that guidance, we apply the most effective solution that is best suited for you to career guidance, and our counsellors provide recommendations that meet your needs.

A career advisor can help you make decisions in your life by educating you about your strengths and weaknesses and assisting you in getting to know yourself better through psychometric testing and counselling sessions. So, start your career guidance now. When you choose us, you are selecting a team of knowledgeable counsellors and experts that will support you in every way. So why are you still waiting? Contact us right away.

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