Benefits Of Online Career Counselling For Engineers

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Engineering, sometimes known as Bachelor of Technology (, is a four-year professional degree. Engineering is a widely chosen degree in India, and it is a popular choice for kids who choose PCM in class 12. Nearly 2.9 million students are enrolled in India’s over 6000 Engineering & Technology Institutes. On average, 1.5 million students graduate with a bachelor’s degree in engineering each year. To succeed, one must distinguish out from the crowd by offering something unique and more enticing than the other engineers. A successful engineering degree now considers a number of aspects, including the correct college, internships, analytical and technical skills, domain selection, and so on. This article will demonstrate how online career counselling may be extremely beneficial to aspiring engineers in achieving their goals. Here are some Benefits of Online Career Counselling For Engineers.

Choosing The Correct Branch

Choosing a stream and To Gain An Understanding Of Their Field Of Interest

Engineering is still a simple choice. Choosing a domain name is quite perplexing and can easily blow your mind. For example, if you are interested in computer science, you may still be interested in specifically coding, which adds to the confusion. Online Career counselling could undoubtedly help you at this perplexing period. A career counsellor may advise you to take the “Engineering Branch Selector Test”, a psychometric evaluation designed specifically for engineering branch selection. The Engineering Branch Selector psychometric evaluation uses interest and capacity segmentation to determine an individual’s potential and areas of interest. To map out the individual’s interests, the Engineering Branch Selector examines the four key aptitude abilities necessary by every engineer, namely mechanical, spatial, closure, and logical abilities.

Competitive exams

Engineering or BTech admission is typically granted based on the results of national or state-level competitive exams. Aside from that, colleges hold their own entrance tests. As the frequency of exams increases, pupils are more likely to become confused. Almost everyone in India aspires to take the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) in order to gain admission to prestigious IITs and NITs. However, because the seats in these are limited, there should always be a backup, one should be aware of other options. A online career counselling session will offer you all of the information you need to apply for and pass these examinations, as the information available on the internet is enormous and often inaccurate. To be on the safe side, a career counselling appointment is always recommended.

Helps to avoid Peer Pressure

Peers play a vital part in nearly everyone’s life, but their influence is especially strong among school kids. Students often choose their branch or college based on what their classmates do, and then regret it afterwards. A trained career counsellor is recommended to avoid all of these and to better understand yourself. An online career counselling session will assist you in understanding the importance of making the proper decision as well as determining your area of interest. Software engineering is not for everyone, and selecting it under duress is nothing more than sabotaging your own future. As a result, a career counsellor will be able to tell you about your strengths and limitations and, based on that, which branch is best for you.

Colleges and Universities to Choose From

Even though everyone aspires to attend the IITs and NITs, not everyone is accepted, leaving others in despair. However, there are many private colleges and other government colleges that can serve as a viable alternative to the IITs and NITs, which students often overlook. A career counsellor can assist you in deciding on a college or university based on variables such as the branch for which it is known, the cost structure, the city in which it is located, placement opportunities, and so on. Students frequently lack information on these college-related aspects, or certain online results provide skewed results that further confuse and mislead them. As a result, online career counselling is a preferable option at any given time, and it’s important to remember that not all IITs are the same. If You Want To Know More About: CAREER COUNSELLOR’S POWER-UP PACKAGE

In the next five years

This is the most important element that everyone is concerned about: what and how the job market will change, and will it change in accordance with their field? Will they get a job or not? etc., The answers to these concerns are not even available on the internet, and especially in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, one can understand the amount of uncertainty in our life. Knowing the facts regarding your degree is critical for being certain and securing a successful job after graduation. With his knowledge and experience, a career consultant might probably assist you in addressing your fearful inquiries and cheer you up to the utmost.

CareerGuide is a great platform that will help to clear all career-related doubts. The counseling services are excellent and counselors are very friendly and they will help in every aspect. The services are available at a very pocket-friendly rate. Visit CareerGuide now and select your dream career.


A certification course for guiding graduates and postgraduates can provide valuable training and resources to help individuals navigate the job market, plan their careers, and achieve their professional goals. Such a course could cover the following topics:

Participants will learn how to create a compelling resume that highlights their education, skills, and experiences, and catches the attention of potential employers.

Participants will learn about the importance of continuous learning, how to develop their professional skills, and how to stay up-to-date with industry trends and technologies.

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