Career planning basically and fully depends on a person’s interests and skills. There is a hard-core competition in every field in which a person wants to step in. career planning is vital so as to fulfill the long-term goals as well as the short-term goals of a person. The most important thing a person must keep in mind is that he/she should never forget WHY are they going after their dreams, this will help them to stay motivated and reach for the stars. Anything distracting a person’s mind must be decluttered from his/her life. So that he/she is more focused on some strategy from the career counselor. Career guidance is a very prominent stage in every person’s life. To choose their career wisely, one must go for career counseling services as a lot of people don’t know as to what they have to do in their near future. Choosing a career is the most important decision in a person’s life. If chosen wisely, one’s life can be made and if not chosen wisely, one’s life can also lead to destruction. Here are 10 best strategies from the career counselor’s side to a fresher for excelling in his or her career:

Strategy  from career counselor

1. Make a professional resume

This is the most effective and basic part of a job search. A resume is the primary requirement of any job, as it gives a brief overview of yourself. Keep the professional resume simple and precise. Since you are a fresher and you won’t be having enough experience, provide the evidence of your skills by mentioning in your college projects, internships, and training.

2. Gather experience

When a person learns new professional skills and work, he/she is all ready to apply them and always seeks opportunities to do so. One, after upskilling his/her career can move forward to gain more and more experience. Every company nowadays is just looking forward to the experienced clan. So experience is something that gains importance in career planning.

3. Hold online presence

Your online presence matters a lot in today’s world. LinkedIn is one of the most effective and efficient professional networking platform these days, it is very prominent to have a LinkedIn profile. For the screening of their candidates, almost all the companies use LinkedIn, as your LinkedIn profile is basically your online resume. Keep your social media profiles clean. It would be an icing on the cake if you have your own blog.

4. Build a network

Since you are a fresher, try to maintain good connections and references with everyone you meet, as it will work well for you. You can get a job easily if you have good connections and references. If you have a strong network, you won’t be struggling for a thing to be done.

Strategy  from career counselor

5. Create profiles on online job portals

online job portals like, indeed, TimesJob, FreshersWorld, etc. can help you a lot since you are a fresher. It sounds quite an orthodoxy but it is the simplest way to gain experience. Once you get enough experience, you can get an excellent job too.

6. The ideal career selection

As a fresher, it is very important for you to select an ideal career counselor so that you won’t have to regret it when you are 30. A career counselor can help you do strategy. Look for your interests and dislikes, know what you enjoy doing and what you don’t.

7. Get in touch with placement agencies

There are some top companies out there who do not recruit directly, instead, they go for hiring agencies. Submit your job profile to some of the top hiring agencies in India. These agencies work as a mediator between you and the company and make their work easy by sending the ideal job seeker to them.

8. Be ready for rejection

Since you are a fresher, with not much of an experience, you should be ready to accept some criticism and rejection. Rejection makes you stronger. It is not necessary that you may get a job wherever you apply, sometimes companies look for the experienced people out there. Be open for criticism and work on it, take the criticism in a positive way.

9. Willingness to learn

To succeed in life you must always be ready to learn new things. Nowadays, a career is all about learning lifelong. You must always keep a dynamic behavior so as to easily adapt to new changes. An open mind, along with a view of learning from every person you meet can help you to touch the skyline with your feet placed on the ground.

Strategy  from career counselor

10. Identify your interest

You will never be able to do something perfectly if you do not have enough interest and skills to do that work. So, you must always identify as to what job attracts you the most. A person must be able to find and locate his/her areas of interest. You can succeed to great heights if you follow your dreams and interests.

So this is the end of the post fresher? 10 best strategies from the career counselor’s side. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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