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Counseling is a very broad term that aims at helping people. But career counseling mainly focuses on helping individuals to choose their right path for the future ahead. It is done properly by professional counselors, who give expert advice to students while understanding their capabilities, potentials, and weaknesses. There are many assessment tools involved that assist, one of them is a psychometric test. The counselors usually ask about the passion, interest, and hobbies of an individual and at the same time access their previous performance and guide them in a particular direction. Even in pandemic times, many people prefer to take online career counseling through digital modes. By this mode, you can even take guidance from the best counselors across the country while sitting at your place. By this, you can even save the traveling time and is considered the best way of communication between a professional counselor and a counselee.

So you might be thinking that what are the things that a person expects after counseling? 

Since a professional counselor always follows a proper plan, things will become more systematic in any person’s life. It is a basic requirement for a student to attain success. By undergoing this process, a person will able to identify their strengths and weakness. This will make them stronger to face all the challenges of life. Due to several tests that are conducted, a counselor can identify the interests of the person and thereby helping him/her to choose the right career path. 

Also, this process will make you more cheerful as you can demarcate things and would be able to improve the ones that require more effort. It improves your mental health as it is observed, that if your vision is clear, you will be able to keep yourself calm without taking unnecessary stress, thus improving your overall personality. 

Why career counseling is gaining more popularity these days in Indian society?

Though, in ancient times, we were the very strong believers of Vedas and the religious sayings today. The generation is neither interested in reading religious books nor interested in taking up their own decisions. The only thing that they show their interest in is scrolling social media handles and taking up unnecessary stress that eventually turns out to be depression, thereby harming themselves. These are some of the reasons due to which many different technologies have been developed and counseling is being conducted across the globe.

What are the different ways by which we can carry out such training?

The most innovative and latest mode of mapping anyone’s brain is through Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. In this technique, the fingerprints of a person are scanned, this gives a complete report of a person’s personality. Through this, the professionals can easily figure out the capabilities and weaknesses of a person. But it is somehow difficult to operate in virtual times, so the best way is the career guidance given by understanding the psychology of a person by professionals. 

There must a question in your mind – what is the best time and age to get counseled?

So let us clarify this major doubt triggering in your mind. There is no such age for going to a counselor and taking guidance. Whenever you feel depressed and not being able to understand the question, “what to do next?”, you can seek guidance. Since after class 10th, you put the stepping stone for your professional life ahead, so that is the age where basic counseling is done. The counselors guide to make the student realize their interest in a particular field for their future. Though making the right career choice is a hard nut even for the students passing their class 12th, they are also interested in attending the proper guidance given by the professional counselors. Basically, for them, online career counseling is the best option as it saves time and guides you properly through digital means.


Thus concluding, we can say that making a correct career choice is one of the key factors and is considered an essential part of your entire life as the choice you make now in your initial life will decide your future ahead. You must be familiar with the very popular saying that “Time and tide wait for none”, so is the case with your career, once the time will fly, no one can change his/her choices. So even in pandemic time, never restrict yourself, opt for online career counseling if you are not clear regarding your future. It’s high time friends, you all just get out of your comfort zones and identify your potentials.

:By- Muskan Sehdev

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