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If we go by the definition, the word ‘counselling’ implies- it’s a piece of professional advice or help that is provided to people who are stuck with some problem in their lives and need guidance. If we go by this train of thought, where seeking professional help from experts to address our problems is considered to be a wise thought, rather than walking upon a path that is suggested by others, until we get stuck at the dead-end; and have wasted quite a lot of our precious time and energy, then, why career counselling seems like a distant option?


Let’s take up some instances- even if it doesn’t specifically apply to you but you’ll get an idea- a lot of students have trouble choosing their line of interest after 10th/ 12th class, while some have trouble in reasoning with their parents regarding not taking up the so-called ‘popular, money guaranteeing’ streams that their parents have chosen for them. Some people weren’t quite satisfied with the job they’ve been doing while some people want significant transition in their career path but don’t have the correct approach and insight to do so. These are the most common problems that many students and work professionals go through, and if you find yourself stuck at a similar problem, then don’t delay at getting relevant advice from career counsellors.

So, how does Career Counselling help-

It is a process that includes guiding a person in understanding their own selves while helping them in systematic evaluation of their skills and interests, to find the most suitable career path for them. It’s of extreme importance to know that career counselling is not just limited to helping students gather insights as to what career path would bore the best for them, but it also tackles every career-based obstacle that might come your way even after you’ve been at a specific job for years.

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Career counselling addresses every such problem that might pose a problem for you in the future or is being a problem in the current environment, or you’re unsure regarding your skills and interests, and similarly the confused attitude towards the path you should choose in the future. Career Counselling could prove to be extremely beneficial at these times as the experts in these fields would find the best fit for you after significant analysis of your areas of strengths and weaknesses.



There are many times in our life when we need apt career guidance. We surely do not think of looking back at the time, when we had to make important decisions in our life, with regrets. Do we? No, right! As we’ve already understood how career counselling works, let’s get insights on how it can help us in detail: –


Through career counselling, experts can significantly come to know about the areas of your interest, skills, personality, and other prominent aspects. And, this information is then utilized in figuring out the perfect career path from all the suitable available options, per the assessment they performed upon you.

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Career Counsellors have the relevant expertise, resources, and knowledge to provide and guide you to the path of finding your best career options, a relatively hassle-free one. They have all the necessary information, from finding the most suitable career path with the help of reliable assessment measures to analyzing the scope and opportunities it would have in later times; to help students and their parents, working professionals; who are unaware of this knowledge.


Career counsellors not only help with figuring out the most relevant options from a pool of distractors for you, but they also help the counselee to establish a correct approach and attitude towards the path that awaits them in the future. They help the counselee to develop the right approach and confidence so that they can relatively be at ease with all the obstacles that would cross their paths.

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Career counselling introduces students to the experts that not only help them in finding the right career path with a sense of comfort all through the process, but they also provide wisdom enriched experiences of their lives and the relevant instances they have been through in their life, to make the counselee gather a deeper insight and inspiration about their path.


Quite a lot of times, students and professionals aren’t aware of their weaknesses and the correct approach to curb them. Counsellors analyze such weaknesses. They help the counselee to realize their flaws, certain unproductive activities and behavior patterns, carelessness towards their goal, and help them with high-yielding insights to eliminate them.

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Before approaching a career counsellor for guidance, people have their share of stories regarding their failed attempts at finding the right career path and all the confusion that follows. Finding the most suitable career path can be a challenging task for the students, professionals, and their families. It builds up confusion and vexation that has to be addressed professionally. Career Counsellors help with eradicating the confusion, frustration, and help in narrowing down to a significant path with ease. 

By- Vrinda Taparia

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