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Have you ever felt like what I did wrong in this interview to not get selected? What mistakes am I repeating? Or just simply what mistakes I should avoid in my next interview? It’s time to enhance your skills. Whether you are appearing for your first interview or tenth, there are certain things you must know and avoid mistakes in an interview to land the job you want.

Here are seven mistakes to avoid in your interviews:

Negative body language

No one likes you in an interview if you can’t do a proper firm handshake. Your body tells a lot about you and your energy. If you are looking lazy then it probably means that you are not at all interested in this job. It doesn’t matter that you have a habit of taking shower daily or not but you should take a shower on the day of the interview and dress properly. A well-groomed interviewee gives a good impression, it shows your interest in the job.

A not firm handshake, avoiding eye contact, and sitting with your leg up will appear like you are not at all interested. So simply enter, do a firm handshake, look in the eye and give your greetings.

Being late

Nothing can be more downer than being late. If you can’t make your interview on time then you are in big trouble. Check your interview time way before and make a reminder for the interview. Be on time, you can’t get the same opportunity again. Don’t try to cover anything with your silly explanations.

If there is seriously some issue due to which you are or might get late. Then the best thing is to inform your interviewer or company before getting late, request them if they can manage or get it rescheduled.

Not doing proper research

You can’t go to an interview without any preparation. Interviews are like your exams; you can’t clear one if you haven’t done your studies. You can’t go in and talk without having a clue if you don’t know what is your job then how can you talk about it? So first go and read your job description, do a self-check whether you are fit for this description or not.

You must be aware of simple interview questions and be prepared for these questions. They can ask questions like

  • What are your expectations for the job?
  • Can you manage with the change in job hours?
  • When can you start the job?
  • How much salary are you expecting?
  • Why do you want to join this company?

Research the company, you are going to work there so you must know about the company, its environment and how is the workplace. If possible, try to know who is going to take your interview and do some search about the interviewer. There will be good chances that the guy will be on social media like LinkedIn or Twitter.

Not asking questions

Some people go in an interview and just wish not to utter a single word. Don’t be afraid to speak, get your doubt clear. Ask questions, it will keep the interview interesting and it shows how interested you are in grabbing this job.  Keep your questions ready for the interview, take a pen, and note all the questions you want to ask.

If any doubt arises between conversation or anything you are feeling to ask. Don’t hesitate, simply ask whatever doubt you have. If you want to join that company then you can’t take a risk to keep yourself in any confusion. Even the interviewer doesn’t want you to have some confusion regarding work or company.

Asking naïve questions or asking at the wrong time

Asking questions in an interview is a good thing to do but it doesn’t mean ask anything just for the sake of asking. You can’t go in ask for basic details about the company which is already mentioned on their website or brochure that you have. Asking about the job information that is already mentioned in the job description is not a good move. It shows that you haven’t read about your job or did any research. The questions you need to ask to be specific and related to the job only. Not crossing the line during the interview is a must. You shouldn’t be asking any personal questions to your interviewer or get in a friendly questioning.

Some people have tendencies to speak before listening if you have some doubt or you want to ask something. Wait for the conversation to end then you can ask whatever doubt you have. Interrupting your interviewer is a stumbling block for your job.

Loss of temperament

Just like being late, being angry is one of the most downfall aspects of your interview. It doesn’t matter how hard your life is or how bad your morning was or how you picked a fight with someone on your way. You can’t let any of the frustration take over you during an interview, you can’t be angry for any reason.

There are some chances that your interviewer will say some things that will make you angry. Don’t fall for this, if you are in such a condition then getting angry won’t help it either. The only way is to play diplomatically; always answer with a gentle tone. Anger will only give your place to someone else. If you want to get this job then you have to your anger aside.

Being in a hurry

You are here to sell your skills to the company and You can’t sell anything in a hurry. The person taking your interview won’t take long to understand that you are in a hurry and he will not take time to show you way towards the gate. Don’t get in an interview if during the interview all you are going to think is when this interview will end.

At the end of your interview don’t rush to leave. Ask for further steps or about follow-up. The end greetings are important as the starting one. Appreciate the interviewer and the company for giving their time and be thankful to them. This will show your positive attitude and sincerity towards getting this job by avoiding these mistakes in the interview.

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So this is the end of the post 7 Mistakes to Avoid in your Interviews. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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