The Best 5 Job Portals in India in 2023

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In India finding a job is not easy with a vast population. You have to be the best and show your skills which makes you stand out from the crowd. As a job seeker, you need to concentrate on your skills and figure out your strengths and weakness before seeking job opportunities in working professionally. Here are the best 5 job portals in India in 2023.

Many companies prefer candidates who have the required skills and theoretical knowledge about the job role. Along with this, you must have good communication skills, teamwork, and a creative and innovative mindset. If you have the skills and knowledge finding your dream job will become way too easy for you. 

Shine was founded in 1998 and owned by well-known English newspaper company Hindustan Times. This platform provides with service of resume builder and also a direct approach to some of the best professionals and career advisors who help you to write and build a proper resume step by step. Your resume will be promoted by Shine based on your expertise to all the best and top recruiters. Know More Details On Job Hunt Took Kit.

Naukri.Com is founded in 1997. This is considered among the first job portals in India. It is one of the most trusted websites. And the best part is that it is one of the free job portals in the country. It completely depends upon the users whether to pay or not, however, one does not need to pay a single penny for applying for a job. Naukri has a premium subscription-based service which is also accessible to the users who are willing to pay. It is the major private-sector job portal. You can also check career clarity service.


LinkedIn is a social-networking website. This is a platform of networking and job hunt for experts all over the world. You need to create a profile and then connect with other people worldwide. LinkedIn is designed in such a way that your connections can write you recommendations which assist the proposed employer to have an idea of your professional skills and abilities. This platform guides you directly to some top professionals and managers globally. Know more Details on Linkedin Resume Creation.


Indeed is a US-based company established in 2004 and operates in more than 60 countries, accessible in 28 languages of the world. Indeed is one of the best job hunt sites in the world. People can search for government job details and private job opening details as well. You can also find your dream job on the basis of your skills, experiences and job location. It also let you read companies review published by their employees which gives you enough reason to apply or not to in that particular company. In India it is ranked among the most approved and preferred job portals for top companies.

Monster India

Headquartered in the USA, Monster India is considered to be the world’s largest job-search platform and also among the top job portals in India. Jobs with international companies are posted on this job site. It will have access of the best multinational companies. Monster helps people find jobs in India as well as international jobs. It is also the best job portal for startup jobs in India. The free recruitment services like registration and uploading resume online guide employers to view and hire job seekers based on their experiences, skills and expertise.

Career & Job Switch Guidance

Job switching, commonly referred to as job hopping, is a tendency of changing employers frequently in search of better employment or pay opportunities. A person’s aspirations, rather than events like a layoff or a company closing, are typically what lead to a job change. After working somewhere for a while, changing jobs is common. The two most important factors for changing jobs across industries are believed to be growth and income. Visit the now




4.Monster India: 

5.Times Jobs

Yes, these job portals are generally free to use for job seekers. They allow users to create accounts, upload resumes, search and apply for job listings without any charges. However, some job portals may offer premium services or additional features for a fee

Yes, these job portals offer job listings across various industries, job functions, and job levels. Whether you are a fresh graduate seeking entry-level positions or an experienced professional looking for senior-level roles, you can find relevant job opportunities on these portals.

Yes, most job portals provide the option to set up job alerts based on your preferences. You can specify criteria such as job title, location, industry, and experience level, and the portals will notify you via email or app notifications when relevant jobs are posted.

Yes, many job portals offer additional features to assist job seekers in their career development. These features may include resume building tools, interview preparation resources, career advice articles, and tips for improving job search effectiveness. These resources can be helpful in enhancing your job search strategy.

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