The Test Engineers work in a specialized field of engineering, the job description of a test engineer varies based on the type of product they are testing, and what the purpose of their testing is, for example - the job description of a test engineer who works in software will vary from a test engineer that works in electronics. In general, test engineers are responsible for designing, implementing and documenting quality assurance testing to ensure that products work efficiently and are able to withstand the rigors of use. They typically do so after the first version of a product has been cre

I want to know is it good to do B pharma if my chemistry is weak..

Hello, The Railway Psychological test is one of the major test in the Railways exams. You can check out the Complete RRB ALP Syllabus  The Test includes the questions from  Direction Related Questions, Blood Relation Questions, Memory Test  Related Questions,Perception Depth related Questions, Concentration Test Questions, Speed Perceptual Questions. If you prepare well for the exam, you can crack the exam easily. Railway Assistant Lo-copilot is for the people who wants to make career as the Railway Train Operator.The exam would be conducted in the month of August as the exams f