Dear Aspirant, Sad to see that you could not progress in your [CA course][1]. Never mind, it is not the end of the world. If you are highly [interested in taxation field][2], DTL is a very reputed course and has historically given great career opportunities. With the new set of rules coming into the taxation system in India like the Direct Tax Code (DTC) and GST, there is tremendous scope for individual practice as well as jobs in the taxation domain. DTL course from a good Institute will really be of great help and surely give you good career progress for years. Best wishes, Dr

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If you have interest in Law and Taxation, in the industry you cannot get a job which will enable you to work in both departments simultaneously. Therefore I would suggest you to choose one of them and do courses based on it. One area where taxation and law can be combined are the Indirect Taxes. You can do DTL course and get job in tax department as well think of doing your own practice as a Tax Consultant. Bank PO are very different than what you are thinking of. They are not particularly related to law and taxation. An LLB and DTL will be a fantastic combination for you. To be best sure of

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