Hello My Dear... After reading your query, firstly I would like to tell you that do not have any fear for any profession. Women have the natural gift of fighting spirit given by God, the only thing is they do not realise this fact and unncessarily remain silent and suffer problems, insults and torture or misbehaviours. My Dear, please do not worry and become confident and I am sure that you have that in you already. Come out of this tension and try living free life. Freak out, enjoy with your friends and also think for your future. My Dear... I can understand your fear especially when in n

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Dear Friend, Thank you for reaching Mera careerguide.com First let me give a explanation and difference about both the courses. And based on the below inputs you can decide on the one which you are passionate about. Cyber Law: An Emerging career optionThe introduction of new digital information and commuication technologies has given birth to a new legal domain, commonly called information and communication technology law or more fashionably - Cyber LawWith the Phenomenal growth of cyber space, issues relating to various legal aspects of cyber started cropping upIn reponse to th

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Hello Law Aspirant, Welcome to CareerGuide.com!!! Thanks for Visiting and proposing your query related to Law. Law has been considered [one of the honored and respected career][1]. Law has many career avenues and have a great scope. The profession of Law is not restricted to Court Rooms,it has moved further. Nowadays Lawyers can practice their profession in corporates,banks,law firms,LPO's etc. While you are considering law as a career you must have a good aptitude for reasoning,logic and also have a good hold over language i.e communication skills.While you can also develop these skills wi

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Hello Law Aspirant, A Heartly Congratulations for passing your 12th and scoring good marks. As you have passed your 12th you done,need to give any entrance exam in Maharashtra to get admission for 5 years [law course][1]. If you were going to apply [GLC][2] ( Government Law College) Mumbai, or [ILS][3]( Indian Law Society) Pune than you were supposed to give an entrance exam and pass the exam; but as you have mentioned you want admission only in Amravati you don't need to give any entrance exam. So, you can directly apply to the colleges in Amravati District. There are following colleges i

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Yes, you can become a Criminal lawyer after passing B.Com. You are eligible to do a three-years LL.B. degree course in Law; thereafter you can specialize in Criminal Law.

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You will find many law degree/diploma courses across the net which offer distance education/correspondence courses. If your intention is to just gain knowledge of law or work as a law counselor, Distance Education Courses are fine. However, as per the guidelines of the Bar Council you will not be able to practice law in the Courts.

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