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Corporate lawyers are the lawyers who work with corporate clients and provide advice on various legal issues and the policies of the company.

Hi Dear Friend, I am guessing that you must be either in class 12 or doing graduation. Well law is a very vast field today in the entire world because of the scopes and jobs are related with it. A Recent Survey by an International Survey Agency, Law is being the most, highly respectable and cream profession amongst the other professions. So first of all, if you want to do Law, you should get enrolled in a Law School (National Law Schools only). DO NOT GET ENROLLED IN ANY OF THE PRIVATE/DEEMED UNIVERSITY. Throughout the world Indian National Law Schools Degrees are only recognized so do not e

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 hii i am miss ravika can yoy help me  

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Dear Friend,Thank you very much for coming to this platform with your queri.First of becoming a Corporate Lawyer is not easy as it seems to takes a lot out of you in order to be able to endeveour what you have and what you possess.First of all it is very important for a corporate lawyer to be able to under stand the minds of various people, so he/she should be mind reader in order to make a clear picture of the entire case in your head before getting prepared for the trials. You should be so much able to understand the minds of a people that you know that in which direction you need t

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Dear Friend,Thank you very much for coming on this platform and ask for your furture prospects related queries.Before I go aheada and advice you on doing something or followig my advice, I would like to introduce myself to you so that you have full trust on what I say or advice to you.I am Legal Professional having BSL.LLB, PGDBCL, DBM and LLM. As you can see from degrees I am into a pure legal field.Law is a very vast pool now a days and has tremendous future prospects if you decide what you want to do in this field. Today the legal field has changes so drastically in entire world that it has

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Hi Dear Friend,Thank you very much for coming on this platform with your query, we will try our best y giving you the right suggestions and advice.Well first of all, you have asked one question but actually there are two question hidden in it. How? I am going to explain it...Working with and in an MNC and working as an Independent Corporate Lawyer is two different thing and there is a huge difference in both the working pattern.If you are working for an MNC as a Corporate Lawyer, it is understood that you are doing a job there and there are few rules and regulations and obligations comes along

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Hello Law Aspirant,Thank you for choosing CareerGuide (MCG) to solve your query and also thanks for putting this question. Many a times students just get admitted to various law colleges to pursue their 5 years after 12th or 3 years law after Graduation. Very few students take a glance what will be their future after completing the course i.e what job prospects they will be getting,what job profile exactly they will have? Before choosing a career in Law one must think about its pros and cons like:1. What is the course exactly i am taking admission for?2. How this will help me?3. What i want to

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