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Am I eligible for MBA in spite of low BBA scores?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: Am I eligible for MBA in spite of low BBA scores?

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Indian MBA applicants are pretty concerned about their scores in GMAT rather than their grades or marks in BBA.  But still there are few applicants who do pay heed to their score secured in BBA and they are not wrong in considering that because the admission officer in any institute will go through the essays and recommendations jotted down in the application as the college or the Institute will be interested to know the rate of performance during BBA course and sometime they are also interested to know about the academic performance over past 15 years ie ( 10+2+3) so to say.

But in  most cases 10+2 marks are not considered so much important for MBA admission. By the time the applicant applied for MBA he or she has passed more than 15 years and in between lot of changes took place in one’s mind, approach and also in academics. The admission committee is more concerned about the academic performance in recent year. It is only the GPA or the percentage obtained in BBA is important. An exception is always there if one has done some exceptionally good during these 15 years of academic career which had left a dark implication on one’s career over the years both academically and professionally.

Low BBA marks affect MBA admission.

Yes, less marks obtained in BBA does affects the MBA admission criteria in a large way. Good percentage and GPA in BBA is always an additional benefit besides scoring higher marks in GMAT. Whether it is India or anywhere abroad the criteria is more or less same. The percentage obtained in graduation in any disciple or in BBA will largely determine how an applicant is academically attuned and how sharp is your brain academically. Good results in the last academic years will obviously leave an imprint on the mind of the Admission officer and they will have it in mind that the candidate will again do well in the future years even if he or she takes up different streams in MBA.

Let’s not forget that even if by chance BBA marks are not good ie less than even 50% then another alternative will be scoring good marks in GMAT. In MBA normally the class is full of good and qualified students and within them if some are non-achievers then it is a matter of humiliation on the part of the candidate who scores less in graduation or BBA.

What is the alternative other than good scoring in BBA

Whether Low marks in BBA will matter or not it fully depends on the level and standard of Management B-Schools. One has to be very critical while applying for the B-schools because there are few students who in spite of low marks in graduation or BBA get through the admission in MBA schools.

If the applicant has graduated from any reputed B-School where selection process is very rigid but the student scored low to mediocre grades then his or her selection would get compensated with high score in GMAT. There are other concerns which might lead you to get admission in good B-Schools for MBA. If the candidate was over indulgent in campus activities due to which his or her scoring deteriorated but due to such activities the managerial and leadership skills enhances and thus for them the admission process is made somewhat easy and lenient. Extracurricular activities matter a lot in B-Schools because it demarcates the leadership and social quality of the candidate which is very important both business and corporate.

Low marks or GPA from a mediocre B-college will be tough for getting admissions in reputed B-Schools or internationally recommended B-schools. Only one way out in this case is high score in GMAT. Only one suggestion from the expert counsellors is to score as high as one can for admission in good B-Schools for MBA. One should be alert while pursuing BBA that the cut-offs in good B-schools is very high so it always recommended to score high marks in GPA as well. It all depends on the Admission Officer which one will they consider for admission.

 Measures taken during filling up MBA application in spite of low GPA in BBA

  1. Since good reputed B-Schools receives highly qualified application it is always advisable to score high GPA and even GMAT scores. If at all GPA is less GMAT scores should be invariably high.
  2. One should select the right B-schools in order to balance the quality of teaching and studies and the time because most of MBA students are working at the same time. Should put right effort and focus on the solid essay about oneself and on interviews and Group Discussions.
  3. One should use tight the proper essay of oneself as to describe why things went wrong for the scoring good marks in BBA. The reason might be many and that should be jotted down with proper analysis and authenticity. This helps a long way and gives a different impression on the Admission Officer’s mind.

One thing one should keep in mind that good education in good schools need right focus, right time and right effort. So dedication and determination is the only key for achieving high grades in education be it anything one chooses to study.


RE: Am I eligible for MBA in spite of low BBA scores?

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