Which among these have more scope and offers better carrer oppurtunity ? BBA or hons.?

Respected mam, which among these have more scope ??? BBA or hons. ? I am a commerce student without maths. I opted for informatics practices instead of maths in 12th and now I am interested to work in corporate sector. please guide me towards the right direction mam. I want to do MBA after my bachelors.

by Nikhil
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3 answers

RE: Which among these have more scope and offers better carrer oppurtunity ? BBA or hons.?

ChandraKant Munde
ChandraKant Munde
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  • Mumbai

Hello Friend,

I would like to contact, This is a Best counselling platform in India, you would get perfect answer of your quarries. I read your question, thanks to give detail information so i suggest you detail information. If you think BBA for degree its good for you because this is a foundation course of business administration. In future you want to join MBA so its fantastic decision.

I suggest you its better to choose BBA instead of This should be perfect way what you want to be in future like MBA. There is a wide variety of options open for anyone who wishes to pursue Business Administration. One can opt for traditional field like marketing and human resources or finance. BBA is only stepping stone towards realizing leadership skill and core competencies. Only through the exposure at an undergraduate level can there be a significant spark when ready to take up employment. Only upon completion of master's degree in this case, can you be sure of landing excellent employment opportunities abroad in future. One more thing i want to share with you, you maintain first class in graduate level and give the first priority to get the admission in Best B-SCHOOL in India like IIM (through cat exam) Then lots of opportunities are waiting for you.

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Best withes for your further study.

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RE: Which among these have more scope and offers better carrer oppurtunity ? BBA or hons.?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Good to hear that you have already decided on that you wish to do an MBA in future. I have read through your query and you seems to be pretty clear what you want to do in life. Not studying maths at school level is never a curse. As you have chosen informatics practice, it does prove fruitful for your career. You have asked whether a BBA or Bcom hons will be good for your future, considering that you also have plans for an MBA. If you are very sure of doing MBA in future then I highly advice you to take BBA after school level.

A BBA is a genuine business degree and has no relations to other subjects. In fact you wouldn't study commerce, economics, computer science or even informatics practice as part of this BBA degree. If you are only interested in learning about business and its functions and are definitely not interested in any other sub-subjects then BBA is pretty apt for you. As part of the BBA degree, as said you will only learn about business allied subjects like the human resources, marketing, operations management, supply chain, organisational behaviour, project management, accounts and finance. Completing this degree you can work as a business analyst, HR trainee, management trainee, operations analyst, business trainee, accountant, financial analyst, entrepreneur and many more business functions.

Alternatively if you have interest in commerce and also would like to study business, then studying BCom with Business hons will ideally help you. This degree offers a 50-50% concentration in commerce and business and therefore you will develop ground breaking knowledge in both the subjects. Choosing a BCom hons is not ideal whereas a Bcom with business must help you better for your future MBA aspirations. Completing this degree you can work either in commerce route or even a business route. Apart from the business jobs that I mentioned above you can work as a commerce analyst, e-commerce analyst, financial analyst and trade analyst.

Finally, I understand that you have aspirations to study an MBA in future but it is certainly important for you to seek jobs at least for a year or two before you start your MBA. In this situation a BCom with business hons will prove useful as it gives better career opportunities than a BBA can actually give. As said, with a BCom with business degree you can get into any of the career path (commerce or business) that suits you the best whereas with a BBA degree you are restricted to only studying a business. So BCom with business hons is more advisable than a BCom hons or a BBA. Good luck.

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RE: Which among these have more scope and offers better carrer oppurtunity ? BBA or hons.?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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  • Meerut

Hello friend,

The B.Com and BBA has its own merits. Let me tell you about BBA and b.Com, then you will have an idea, which field to pursue. Most of the students get into commerce stream with no understanding of what it involves. However, if management is ultimate goal, though both BBA and B.Com will lead to MBA, but one needs to give it a serious thought as to what subjects to graduate in even if the ultimate goal is MBA.

It is true that both BBA and B.Com lead to MBA, however, while the B.Com can lead to a wide array of post graduate specializations, a BBA degree on the other hand, can only lead to MBA.

The Bachelor of Commerce is designed to enhance the ability to learn as the students study variety of subjects: Accountancy, Business Administration, Finance, Economics and Industrial Policies. This course equips one with the analytical, communication and problem solving skills to effectively identify the issues, source information and to find efficient and practical solutions.

Unorganised Sector

After B.COm the students can avail exciting and diverse post graduate opportunities like MBA, Law, International Studies, Designing / Merchandising, MBE (Masters in Business Economics), M.Com, Finance, Economics, etc which will set them apart from the crowd and prepare them for success in the global market place. The industry takes them at par with the students having professional degree like BBA, Hotel Management etc and sometimes at higher platform if someone is from reputed college. Most of the universities and colleges in India offer B.COm degree, therefore, chances of getting into the course id higher.

On the other hand, BBA is a professional course, and it is offered at few universities and of these, only a a handful of colleges / institutes offer quality course. Choosing the right institute is key to landing up in a good job. The BBA course is tailored in consultation with representatives from leading organizations, ensuring that you graduate with an industry relevant degree. Students get practical experience, read assigned materials, attend seminars and prepare an internship report. Students are also encouraged for attend leadership training workshops, and conferences, public speaking practices, group dynamics and problem solving and evaluating techniques.

After BBA the students can get into Marketing, Human Resource, General Management, and Finance. This course however, restricts the students from other post graduate study opportunities.
Good Luck....

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RE: Which among these have more scope and offers better carrer oppurtunity ? BBA or hons.?

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