bba is best aftwer 12 for commerce students or bcom best

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2 answers

RE: bba is best aftwer 12 for commerce students or bcom best

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
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Hi Rajbir,

Interesting question.

BBA is an undergraduate management course after 12th. It is affiliated to Pune University, one of the best which provides excellent concepts with practical methods of teaching.

But please note that after BBA, job opportunity is limited, so you would have to opt for a masters degree or to put it simply pursuing an MBA is a must. You have no other option left after you Graduate. Once you begin to work after an MBA, then you have other opportunity.

It is like studying management twice.

But if you pursue a B.Com, you have lots of options open right from banking to stock market to an MBA. You could choose accordingly. At the sametime, you have time to prepare for MBA entrance exam, while studying in the final year B.Com. AT the sametime, if you wish you could also appear for CA or CS exams simultaneously as you would have lots of time to spare.

Anyways choice is yours.

I have only shown you the difference.

Hope this helps.

Wish you good luck...


RE: bba is best aftwer 12 for commerce students or bcom best

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Dear Aspirant,

It entirely depends on your choice. If you wish to be into core commerce/finance/banking/insurance/analysis, then choosing BCom is recommended. If you wish to get into management education directly, then choosing BBA is recommended. 

You will have to choose further a Masters degree of MBA to complete your education knowledge, without which getting a job will be very difficult.

If you are willing to study core commerce, then choosing CA/CS/CMA are beneficial.

BBA and BCom both are best, the important thing is whether you are best and for which you are best.

Personally, BBA is a very incomplete course, where as BCom is a strong foundation building course irrespective of whether you take Management or Core Commerce careers.

Best wishes

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