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Career prospects after becoming mining engineer. Top Institutions, courses and job opportunities for a mining engineer.

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RE: Career prospects after becoming mining engineer. Top Institutions, courses and job opportunities for a mining engineer.

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India is one of the resource surplus countries of the world. Indian resource depository includes a huge amount coal, petroleum, metals, and non-metals. The job of the mining engineer is to seamlessly identify these resources, build on modern engineering machines to extract these resources, delve into processes which are efficient and cost effective in extracting these mineral resources. As the mining engineering is closely related to the environment, the job of the mining engineer also includes following safety standards and designing procedures which will be environment-friendly.

Mining exploration is a scientific and technical process which requires a certain understanding of geography, soil and its component, knowledge about different metals nonmetals and petroleum products. A geologist having core knowledge of geography including geology of the rock, the chemical nature of water and physical features surrounding the place such as volcanoes, spring, topology, and topography of the surrounding can predict about the presence mineral in a certain area.


The next stage will be the extraction of mineral material with the help of modern and complex processes of separation and purification. The extraction can be done with scientific drilling, blasting, building of blocks to support mines. Once the impure metal ore is extracted, the next stage involves the job of its purification and separation of the core material. This is a purely technical process and without having sufficient and exact knowledge this can not be completed. There are also administrative departments for each stage in which senior mining engineer optimize and seamlessly transact business in order to bring out best results.


Mining engineering courses in India

Mining is one of oldest subjects included in the top engineering colleges in India. One can pursue a B-tech degree, M- tech or even MSc in mine engineering. A four-year B-tech program syllabus will prominently include subjects like Fundamentals of geology, Mechanical technology, Mechanics of fluid and hydraulic machines, Machine drawing, Environmental engineering, Underground metal mining technology, Rock mechanics, Mineral processing etc.


Career prospects-the mining engineer.

Mining engineers are one of the top-paid engineers in India. The presence of large Public sector companies and private companies makes this sector a lucrative one. Mining engineers will be placed both off and on the field. The public sector companies in India such as Coal India, National Aluminum Company limited, Mineral Exploration Corporation limited, Bharat Goldmines Ltd, Oil and Natural gas Corporation, Hindustan Zinc Limited, Steel authority of India Limited etc hire engineers on a large scale. Private companies such as Tata steel, Adani mining, Reliance, Vedanta also have a huge presence in mineral exploration sector. The good thing about a career in mining engineering is that these are huge companies having a well-established hierarchy and operation thus provides state of the art facilities for the employees.

To become a successful mining engineer, it will require a good knowledge of the core subjects. Since the working condition will be challenging and demanding, a person should possess in sound physical and mental condition. Ability to work for long hours is one of the main criteria for becoming a successful mining engineer. At the same time, excellent leadership qualities and ability to work in multiple environments with diverse demography will be an added advantage.


Top colleges for mining engineer in India

IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur is one of the oldest and finest colleges to study mining engineering. Its state of art laboratories and world-class faculties will keep it as a top priority amongst students. Again, admission into this IIT will require one to appear and qualify JEE Mains. The examination will be one of the toughest in India and several bright students from all over the country will target this institute. So a person who wants to pursue engineering from this IIT will have to be a hardworking gem.


IIT Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

The institute has one of the oldest and reputed Mining engineering departments of the country. Same time the IIT Varanasi have an impeccable placement record in its mining branch. The institute is in collaboration with industries to understand the changing needs and thereby modify and adapt its syllabus.


Indian school of mines, Dhanbad.

 Situated in the mineral-rich state of Jharkhand, the institute provides state of the art facilities and infrastructure. The institute offers B-tech course in mining engineering.  Same time it also regularly conducts small duration courses and seminars in various emerging subjects of mining engineering. 


VNIT Nagpur

Situated in the heart of the city of Nagpur, the institute becomes the first choice for the students of Vidarbha who want to pursue mining engineering. The city is surrounded by a mineral-rich zone of Kamptee, Chandrapur coal mines etc. Thus provides ample opportunity for students to explore mining areas in a practical sense. As this one of the NITs, the admission to this institute will be through JEE Mains.


NIT Raipur.

The mining engineering department of this college was established in 1956. This makes it one of the oldest and reputed institutions to study mining engineering. Situated in the resource-rich state of Chhattisgarh, the institute offers ample opportunity to study mineral exploration.


NITK Suratkal

This is one of the premier institutes in India for studying mining engineering. The mining engineering department was established in the year 1984. The faculties of the institution are reputed one having experience and knowledge in the field. The institute is situated near Mangalore and has one of the best scenic campuses of the country.


BIT Sindri

It is again situated in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand thus have state of art infrastructure and laboratories for mining engineering. The department of mining was started in the year 1975. Dhanbad being hotbed for mineral exploration offers an ample opportunity for practical exploration of mining fields.


Anna University Tamilnadu

This institute is one of the prominent and reputed amongst mining engineering colleges of South India. The college offers BTech program in Mining engineering and possesses state of the art infrastructure-laboratories for mining engineering. The students from Kerala and Tamilnadu give first preference to this college.

JEE Main Previous Year Paper

JEE Main Previous Year CutOff PDFs

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RE: Career prospects after becoming mining engineer. Top Institutions, courses and job opportunities for a mining engineer.

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