Watch the video below to get a glimpse of a Software Programmer:The day usually goes like this:Checking the emails and replying to them.Bugs, status reports and other necessary communications are made at the start of the day.There is usually a team meeting, describing the course of the day and what activities to work on. After the meeting, pick up the code where it was left yesterday and start working on it.Work on the programming. Take breaks. Discuss things with developers and work again.They read about the latest happenings in the programming world and share it with fellow programmers.

Hi,Greeting's for the day!!!Software Engineers are responsible for designing, implementing and testing computer based hardware and software, including the components that are found inside computer equipment, as well as actual devices that contain the computers and the software that runs on those machines. They may also design network that connects computer systems, and work on integrating software programs with computer hardware.Education Requirements:To become Software Engineer, you will typically [require a bachelor of science degree in computer engneering][1], computer science or electrical

Software engineers have good scope in terms of [development of software or programming][1]. From computer operating systems to "video" games all require software and there comes the needs of software engineers. The main role of a Software technician is to analyse the users needs and then help to design, tests and develop software by applying [computer technologies and mathematical][2] concepts. As said Software's require a thorough knowledge related to computers and maths, so to become a Software engineer, you need the base of computers and mathematics. Thus post 12th, any stream but hav

Dear Friend, Here you have not mentioned tour academic qualifications, and what you are doing presently. Seems that you have passed 12 standard with Physics, chemistry and mathematics. To become a software engineer, you should have an aptitude for this field. To test this, first answer the following questions; Do you have interest in computers? Do you wish to make new software programs? Do you think that existing software, you are working with needs some improvement? Do you love to spend time with your machine? If the answer of all the questions is YES, then you have aptitude to become a

Dear Friend,Greeting of the day!!!As you know the marks of JEE Mains have been announced and now the rank would be declared for JEE mains which would take into consideration your Class 12th Board Marks as well.On a Honest front let me tell you that 24 marks in JEE Mains would not be able to provide you with any good college moreover the stream which you want to select is considered one of the best and goes to the top ranker in most of the colleges. The Only Hope which we have is from your board results.If you manage to get more than 90% in your board and your Board marks increase your jee main

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,Glad to see you working and gaining work experience immeidately after your engineering graduation. Very happy to see you aim for the level of Vice President or CIO/CTO/CEO.You being a technical person, I would first suggest you to gain work experience of atleast 20 years in your domain area. You may swtich jobs on promotion, however just remember that for becoming a VP or CTO, etc what is more important is job profile and the exposure you get in the job. Its not the salary which determines who is successful or not successful.While gaining work experience, doing an

Hello Amitabh,  Being confused about a career is obvious. But my question to you is what do you wish to do further?. Job satisfaction would be achieved only when you are in the right field as per your aptitude, ability, interest and personality. Here I would suggest take a break and self introspect. Knowing yourself in terms of your strength, interest is essential to help making a choice. Only then could you choose a course. After that natch it with an Aptitude test or career counseling test that would highlight your interest aptitude and ability and help you make a determined choice. Lis

Your friends are very RIGHT. They have suggested you correctly. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to them since they did not fool you and told you the reality. Being a Civil Engineer, I would strongly suggest you to go a job immediately after your degree. Yes, you can study too, but not an MBA. The best thing as a Civil Engineer to study would be: 1. Project Management 2. Construction Project Management 3. ISO 4. AutoCAD, Stata, Primavera. The above is applicable only if you would like to remain in the civil engineering field for your career. Choosing MBA Finance, etc. would be of no go

Dear Aspirant, GMAT is required for those who wish to pursue MBA from abroad. There are few Institutes in India which consider GMAT score too for admission. Without GMAT, even if you have given CAT, etc here, you will not be able to get admission to BSchools abroad. Going for MBA abroad generally requires some work experience. Best wishes

Hello there,  I am unable to understand your question. Are you saying that you were unable to pay your final semister fees and so the college is not ready to give you your result. If this is the situation, then only thing I can say is that request the college authorities for a copy of the marksheet with a letter stating why you dont have the original marksheet so that you can join a job. Or else the only option would be to ask a relative or friend to help you with cash. Wish you good luck...

Dear Aspirant, Your question tells me clearly that Computers / IT is not a suitable field for you since you are not wishing and inclined to continue in that inspite of getting a BCA as a qualification. Now that you have done BCA, you cannot negotiate or dictate to the company you work for or wishing to work for that you wont do coding, programming. BCA graduates are primarily asked and required to those two things majorly. If you are not interested in IT field, then doing a short duration course is not useful at all. You should change your career path altogether. However selecting the other ca

Dear Aspirant, Just loving travelling and working for people cannot be the exact base for building a career. Please understand and accept that you have been very casual as far as choosing your career path is concerned. Further you also seem to be fickle minded. After having worked for just 1.5 years you are fed up with the IT industry for which you put in 4 years into engineering. Now that you think of trying and getting into new fields, you will be considered fresher as well as your graduation will of be no relevance ahead. I would suggest that you should attempt the Ideal Career Test from Ca

Dear Aspirant, I would suggest that the ideal course for you would be MBA in Human Resource Management preferably from a top BSchool. For this, I would recommend a full time two year MBA in HR. PR is an ingredient of Human Resource Management also and I would not suggest you to just stick to PR since you are a graduate and have started your career journey just now. Since you are not willing to work in a BPO setup, MBA HR will definitely give you more options in terms of sectors and companies to work in. Since you are Commerce graduate and 26 years old, you are still eligible for full time cour

Dear Aspirant, It would be better to be an Engineer with specialisation in IT, where you are taught programming, coding, etc. BE / BTech in Information Technology or BE / BTech in Computer Science Engineering is suggested. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, You are demanding very quick and early promotion to the managerial level. Have you gathered so much of experience that nobody can challenge you in your current domain job and work? Three years is very little experience for getting into the managerial role. I would suggest that you should gain more experience in the current job or company. Thinking of leaving the coding world denotes that you are frustrated and aiming for managerial role is inappropriate if you yourself frustrated. If you think of teaching as a full time profession, then it is fine, however after that you wont be

Dear Aspirant, It appears that you are too from the frustrated and disappointed class of software engineers. You can definitely share your experience of how choosing a wrong career can land you in problems. Switching from Software engineering (including the lifestyle, pay packages, corporate environment) to a career counselling / counselling domain is not that simple as you are thinking of. The difference on those parameters is huge. Will you be able to accept that drastic downward trajectory? I think you should give another deep thought to your thinking of changing careers. Why dont you learn

Dear ASpirant, BigData is definitely a good option to shift into. With ten years of experience, I feel testing will continue to be growing for a career, however BigData requires command over Statistics, Mathematics and other quantitative tools on the analysis side. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, There are courses in Travel & Tourism and you can get jobs in Travel industry through Travel Agents, Travel companies, etc. There is scope in travel since tourism has been the focus area for India specifically and other countries as well are very and already promoting tourism of their country to the world. For career in travel, you will need to be extremely good in understanding people, will have to have a good stamina, reading, making notes, etc. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, Can you please before tell me on what basis you chose software as a career? It appears that you chose it by the herd mentality and imagined some rosy picture and life style in IT. What is making you non-interested in IT now suddenly? I think you should find out the real reason behind this feeling of yours and check whether it is really genuine or you are not able to face the competition or challenges in the job? I feel, you need to find out which area / domain is suitable to you for career. Ideal Career Test from CareerGuide is the best solution to make you aware of what are you

Dear Aspirant, Firstly hope that you have the required educational qualifications with satisfactory marks/percentages to do a particular job. I liked your question and I appreciate your willingness to learn and improve your job prospects. Companies who recruit look for the below skills in the candidates: 1. Education 2. Communication Skills 3. Language skills 4. Team spirit 5. General knowledge / business knowledge 6. Computer proficiency (typing and MS Office proficiency) 7. Flexibility towards work and working hours 8. Adaptability to changing situations Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, It appears that you are obsessed by the IT career, the salary they receive, posh offices. Inspite of having wonderful career options in Arts/Humanities stream, why are you thinking for a career in Software engineering. Typically, you cannot be admitted into Engineering discipline without Science background, however if you had Maths in your graduation, then you can go for MCA course based on your BA percentage. However still I feel, that your decision and thinking to choose Software/IT is misguided and not well informed. I think you should choose your career based on your educati

Hello Ajay The very first thing a fresher shall do is to post resumes on leading job portals and creating a professional profile on Linked In. Post your resume in ‘Career’ section of all MNC’s you wish to work at. Check following things for a perfect resume One or two pages For a fresher candidate, an ideal resume length should be one or two pages at maximum. No irrelevant information Irrelevant information such as political affiliation, religion will not help. It might even hurt your chances of selection. Use a good printer If you are going to use hard copy, make sure