Watch the video below to get a glimpse of a Software Programmer:The day usually goes like this:Checking the emails and replying to them.Bugs, status reports and other necessary communications are made at the start of the day.There is usually a team meeting, describing the course of the day and what activities to work on. After the meeting, pick up the code where it was left yesterday and start working on it.Work on the programming. Take breaks. Discuss things with developers and work again.They read about the latest happenings in the programming world and share it with fellow programmers.

Hi,Greeting's for the day!!!Software Engineers are responsible for designing, implementing and testing computer based hardware and software, including the components that are found inside computer equipment, as well as actual devices that contain the computers and the software that runs on those machines. They may also design network that connects computer systems, and work on integrating software programs with computer hardware.Education Requirements:To become Software Engineer, you will typically [require a bachelor of science degree in computer engneering][1], computer science or electrical

Software engineers have good scope in terms of [development of software or programming][1]. From computer operating systems to "video" games all require software and there comes the needs of software engineers. The main role of a Software technician is to analyse the users needs and then help to design, tests and develop software by applying [computer technologies and mathematical][2] concepts. As said Software's require a thorough knowledge related to computers and maths, so to become a Software engineer, you need the base of computers and mathematics. Thus post 12th, any stream but hav

Dear Friend, Here you have not mentioned tour academic qualifications, and what you are doing presently. Seems that you have passed 12 standard with Physics, chemistry and mathematics. To become a software engineer, you should have an aptitude for this field. To test this, first answer the following questions; Do you have interest in computers? Do you wish to make new software programs? Do you think that existing software, you are working with needs some improvement? Do you love to spend time with your machine? If the answer of all the questions is YES, then you have aptitude to become a

Dear Friend,Greeting of the day!!!As you know the marks of JEE Mains have been announced and now the rank would be declared for JEE mains which would take into consideration your Class 12th Board Marks as well.On a Honest front let me tell you that 24 marks in JEE Mains would not be able to provide you with any good college moreover the stream which you want to select is considered one of the best and goes to the top ranker in most of the colleges. The Only Hope which we have is from your board results.If you manage to get more than 90% in your board and your Board marks increase your jee main

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,Glad to see you working and gaining work experience immeidately after your engineering graduation. Very happy to see you aim for the level of Vice President or CIO/CTO/CEO.You being a technical person, I would first suggest you to gain work experience of atleast 20 years in your domain area. You may swtich jobs on promotion, however just remember that for becoming a VP or CTO, etc what is more important is job profile and the exposure you get in the job. Its not the salary which determines who is successful or not successful.While gaining work experience, doing an

Centre for advanced computing was set up when foreign countries denied access to supercomputer technology. It was this background which shaped the idea of India’s first own supercomputer named PARAM under the eminent leadership of scientist from Vidarbha Dr. Vijay Bhatkar. CDAC institutes work under the ministry of electronics and information technology (MeitY). The basic aim of the institute is to stimulate advanced computing knowledge and help in its spread throughout the country.  The institute was set up in late 1988 and its training program started in the year 1994. The aim of

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the two buzzwords which cannot be ignored this time around. According to the report by world economic forum, 65% of students who are in primary school may end up doing jobs which don’t even exist today. Similar kinds of perceptive but potential comments were made by Bill gates and Elon Musk. In an interview with Quartz, Bill gates proposed that there is need to tax Robots who may replace human beings.  CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk also suggested that artificial intelligence has some potential to become an existential threat. But

As cartography is the art of making and studying maps and mapmaking, a career in this field is an out of the box path. Students who are keenly interested in geography of places, are good with visuals and hold good knowledge about maps and their history can surely take this up or consider it as a career option. Just like any other profession, cartography needs some deep rooted basics to be understood beforehand. One needs to learn the art and science of calculations and articulations required in mapmaking.   How to make a career in Cartography?   Firstly, a student typically needs a b