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How Beneficial is it to pursue MCA after BCA?

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RE: How Beneficial is it to pursue MCA after BCA?

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Now that you have completed your graduation in BCA, it is the time for the next step towards your success. But the question now arises, what to do after BCA? Every step in our life gives you a choice. A choice which would have a direct impact on your coming future. After BCA, you have a number of choices before you. You can either go for a job, MCA, MBA or any other course.  Now it's up to you, how 'you' want your life to lead. A single wrong choice can make you suffer for a lifetime. To avoid this mistake, you need to analyze each choice which is in front of you before taking any further step. Since you are now an expertise in many applications in computer language, the best option for you is to go for MCA. A job after BCA can never give a stability and sustainability that MCA after BCA can give. MCA is always valued over BCA as it makes you specialized in a particular field and grooms you as an individual. We can say that MCA has its own value and personal identity.


Why enroll for MCA after BCA?

A master's level program always serves as a booster for one's career. In most of the reputed firms, an applicant with a master's degree of MCA is always preferred over an applicant with a degree of BCA. Big companies such as Microsoft and EssarCommunications recruit the students of MCA. Many other major companies such as Wipro, Vodafone, Infosys, and Satyam give preferences to the MCA students. You can clearly see that the future of students with MCA after BCA is much brighter than the students with only MCA.


What is included in MCA?

MCA is a three-year course which includes six semesters. Duration of each semester is six months. At the end of this program, you would be a specialist in C, C++, Algo and many other computer languages. More details for the same can be found on the official websites of the institutes that offer MCA. The students are also provided placements in their final year in industrial trainings. This further helps the students to gain their individuality and makes them more clear about their career.


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Best colleges/universities for MCA as per 2017 ranking:


  • National Institute of Technology - [NIT], Thiruchirapalli: Located in Tamil Nadu, the college is affiliated with AICTE, UGC. This institute ranked 'first' all over India for providing best MCA courses.
  • National Institute of Technology - [NIT], Warangal:The Institute is affiliated with AICTE, UGC. The institute is situated in Telangana and is ranked 'second' for providing best MCA courses in India.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University - [JNU], New Delhi: The 'third' best university for MCA, JNU is situated in the capital city, Delhi. The university is affiliated with NAAC-A.
  • National Institute of Technology Karnataka - [NITK], Surathkal: Located in Karnataka, the institute is affiliated with AICTE.
  • The University of Hyderabad - [UOH], Hyderabad: Ranked no. Fifth as per the 2017 ranking, the university is affiliated with AICTE, UGC, and NAAC-A.
  • Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology - [MNNIT], Allahabad: Situated in Uttar Pradesh, India, the Institute is affiliated with AICTE.
  • National Institute of Technology - [NITC], Calicut: Affiliated with AICTE, the institute is ranked no. 7 all over India for MCA courses. The institute is situated in Kerala.
  • GLS Institute of Computer Application, Ahmedabad: The Institute is situated in Gujarat and is considered one of the best institutes offering MCA courses all over India. The institute is affiliated with AICTE.
  • Harcourt Butler Technological Institute - [HBTI], Kanpur: Affiliated with AICTE and NBA, the institute is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh providing one of the best experience for the students interested in the MCA courses.

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Advantages of MCA after BCA

A degree in BCA covers many topics giving the student a diverse knowledge of each and every topic. Whereas, in MCA, the students are allowed to choose their own fields in which they want to specialize. This gives the students an individual quality which will further help them in making a bright career for themselves. The education offered in MCA is such that it makes the student capable of working with any corporate for which they are hired. The key importance of doing MCA after BCA is that the student will get a finer knowledge of computer applications. Just studying a BCA course will never be enough to achieve a brighter career.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: How Beneficial is it to pursue MCA after BCA?

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